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Integrated marketing communication

10 PR Tools For Monitoring And Managing Media Relations

Integrated marketing communication

What could be more valuable to a consumer than seeing their company’s name in an editorial, newspaper story, or other piece of content? Personal branding necessitates supreme credibility and the ability to elicit a great deal of scrutiny for integrated marketing communication.

However, if you don’t have the right tools, you might be missing out on hundreds of opportunities for influencer marketing. According to the 2018 Marketing Firm Growth Study, new department organizations frequently struggle to decide which technology to pursue in the future year like integrated marketing communication.

While marketing and advertising strategies are important for increasing lead generation and customers, spending on infrastructure relation tools and integrated marketing communication is also important for enhancing the company department’s visibility and reputation in the market.

You may need a few instruments to handle, assess, or analyze company clients and your own firm’s integrated marketing communication  and public relations actions if you want to improve total advertising dollar initiatives. If there is no correlation between a general reference and an increase in the likelihood of enquiries, your organization is losing money.

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1. Inbound Publicity Kit [Recommended Tool]

The HubSpot Media Releases Samples and Strategic Communications Kit are great places to start if you want to expand your industry’s public relations activities. We’ve developed a strategy for writing the perfect press release for each occasion, as well as PR checklists and a quality management guide. Regardless of the degree of your principal company interactions, the bundle is free and quite valuable.

2. Prowly Price: $115 For The Roadmap Per Period

Prowly may help integrated marketing communication and public relations professionals do better media coverage while also enhancing efficiency on routine tasks. You may use the modern and user-friendly technology to create visual news releases, send customized email presentations, and operate newspaper columnist news organizations, as well as discover and manage important media contacts in a PR CRM.

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3. Mud Hanger Price: Please Contact Us For A Price Quote.

Muck Rack’s software assists public relations and integrated marketing communication  professionals in finding the right reporters for their stories, sending tailored pitches, collaborating as a team, and assessing their effect.

Correct contact information, unconnected processes, and obsolete equipment are not priorities for integrated marketing communication history’s communicators. That’s why Muck Rack is trusted by companies like Under Armor, Taco Bell, Pfizer, Golin, and Penguin Random House to improve their operations.

4. Meltwater Cost: For an estimate, please contact us.

Meltwater is a social media, integrated marketing communication and public relations management software that allows executives to engage on social media, produce content, track competitors and develop themes, and track the plan’s efficacy. Meltwater’s price varies depending on the customer and their individual requirements, however annual packages must be $6,000 or more.

5. Prezly Price: The Expert Plan Is $240 Per Week.

Prezly is a platform where integrated marketing communication and public relations professionals may display their work. You may use the program to distribute news releases and other information to your own customized online national newspapers, as well as to offer bids. This solution stands out as a unique supplement to a company’s public relations department since it allows users to develop content and get media coverage from that material – all inside the same platform.

6. Mention The Money: The Solo Plan Is $29 Per Month.

Mention is where you add your company name, an executive’s name, or any other information you want to track, as well as the resources or websites you want to keep an eye on including integrated marketing communication. You may get online browser notifications as well as emails whenever someone talks about the company. From the homepage, you can also manage your networking site profiles and react, like, and do other things.

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7. Media Attention Budget: $99/month For The Silver Plan

The Covering Binder makes gathering and presenting media references and achieving results a breeze. Covered Book will produce a snapshot if you upload mobile material or if you submit the content’s address. The overall number of visits, conversations, and backlinks created by PR operations are displayed on the main dashboard. Individual articles can also be examined to determine how they impact the overall picture.

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8. Cision Price: Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us For A Quote.

Cision is one of the most well-rounded and comprehensive public relations software options available. It has about 1.6 million reporters, bloggers, and administrative relationships in its database. The platform has sophisticated distribution, monitoring, and analysis features to guarantee that you never miss a reference or fail to demonstrate the value of your company’s integrated marketing communication and public relations efforts.

9. Brand24 Plus Intend Price: $49/Period

Brand24 enables customers to monitor online community references and attitudes in order to completely comprehend how much a company is talked about and perceived. You may send warnings to other employees with a single command, and the app also allows you to follow competitor thoughts and Mention for a more realistic view of how the brand compares.

You may send warnings to other employees with a single command, and the app also allows you to follow competitor thoughts and Mention for a more realistic view of how the brand compares.

10. Anewstip is a freeware with limited capabilities that costs $200 a month with a premium subscription.

Anewstip is a web browser that searches for reporters, celebrities, and media organisations that have tweeted about a specific topic. You may limit your search to biographies, themes, and languages of correspondents. After that, you may sort by effect, number of tweets, or number of times the person has used your phrase. You may then use this information to create journalist listings and sell them, or you can display and track interaction and reaction using the project’s commercial operation.


Assume you wish to greatly boost your entire influencer marketing activity. In such a situation, you may need a few tools like integrated marketing communication to manage, assess, and analyze the public relations efforts of both your clients and your own company. If the firm can’t draw the line between press exposure and an increase in prospects and enquiries, it’s losing money.

However, as the world has evolved, a plethora of novel web technologies have developed, making it hard to forecast which will also create the most newspaper mentions – the goal of a good PR strategy. It’s vital to maintain great yet ample PR messaging that encourages a target audience to learn about and embrace a firm by extending outreach on a regular basis.