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Accept the fact that, no matter how good you are at search engine optimization, using SEO audit tools and creating marketing mix has become a necessity.

Google algorithm adjustments have a habit of perplexing and frightening advertisers. While you’re busy getting your ducks in a row, Google releases an update that rapidly renders your hard work obsolete.

And the process by which Google evaluates websites and determines which sites appear and how they appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) for various searches is still a secret.

The 15 Best SEO Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website in 2022 will be discussed in this post.

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Website Grader by HubSpot

When you enter your website’s URL into HubSpot’s Website Grader, you’ll get a Report Card with useful information about your SEO efforts. You may enroll in a HubSpot Academy Website Optimization course. From there to learn how to improve your website’s SEO and user experience (UX) based on the feedback you received from your Report Card.

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Ninjas of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Ninjas is a search engine optimization company that offers a number of different services. The company provides a number of free tools for evaluating your website’s performance. This is called marketing mix. The marketing mix is described as “a collection of marketing techniques that a company uses to achieve its marketing goals in a given market.” Compared to the competition, optimizing web pages for certain keywords, and developing meta tags.

Webmaster For Bing

Microsoft’s Bing Webmaster service is a marketing mix that offers you access to a variety of tools for tracking, diagnosing, and optimizing your website. Free SEO tools may help you manage your site’s backlinks, research keywords. Make sure it’s optimized for organic search results on search engines. They might also help you evaluate your website.

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Seolyzer is also a marketing mix that has a tool for analyzing how search engines like Google evaluate your website, including log analysis, crawling, and SEO (SEO). Seolyzer identifies and creates key SEO performance indicators using information from your server log files. By crawling bots while accessing your site (KPIs). Redirects, error codes, page speed, and the appearance of a website are among the features that the program identifies and reports on.


SEOquake is a Google Chrome extension and also an example of a marketing mix,  that analyzes a web page’s search engine optimization parameters quickly and easily (SEO metrics). An on-page SEO audit includes reviewing external and internal link profiles doing real-time analysis of URL. And domain attributes, and producing an exportable data file, among other things.

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There is, in fact, a free SEO checking program called SEOability. It may be used to check whether your website complies with current search engine optimization guidelines. We will be able to assist you if you provide the URL of your website. And you will receive suggestions on how to make it more search engine friendly.

Look at My Links

Installing the Check My Links Google Chrome extension before publishing allows you to test the operation of your links on both internal and external web pages. Check My Links can tell you how many connection difficulties exist on a Wikipedia page. And how many there are in total, which is a great illustration of how it may benefit you.


BROWSEO is another example of a marketing mix search engine optimization browser that allows you to examine your website’s user experience, content, and search engine optimization in a bare-bones way. As a consequence, if you supply the URL, you will be able to see the page’s structure, suitable search phrases, and other SEO-related elements in more detail.


SEMrush allows you to track the general health of a domain as well as the individual pages within it. SEMrush offers a number of tools, including the SEO Toolkit.

The toolkit allows you to track the progress of a website’s accessibility over time and identify, among other things. The keywords for which it is ranking, the webpage rank for a keyword, and the monthly search traffic for a keyword.


GrowthBar not only does keyword research and competitive analysis, but it also keeps track of your SEO rankings. Using a single tool -unlike marketing mix that uses many tools-, the GrowthBar allows you to swiftly and easily gather information about any website from the search results. You may use this tool to look at how your rivals perform and what traffic-generating techniques they use.


Even while backlinks are crucial to your website’s Google rating, it’s conceivable that link development will feel like making sales calls. With just a few clicks, you can find and contact the right individuals while also composing engaging emails and keeping track of who accepts link requests.


Using AnswerThePublic’s search keyword and listening capabilities, you can see what people are looking for when they type your term into Google or another search engine (available for free). To maximize conversions and visitors, you may want to tailor your content and website to your target audience.


When you have a decent gauge of your backlinks in place, you can examine your off-page SEO success. Backlink detection, tracking, analysis, and disavowal are all made simple using Linkody’s user-friendly interface.

The program also monitors your links in real time and notifies you if anything has changed, allowing you to react quickly if one of your connections breaks or disappears.


SpyFu is also an example of a marketing mix, it’s a competitor to Google Ads in terms of keyword research. It also helps with PPC partnerships, SEO comparison research, and custom domain and list names, in addition to keyword research.

You may use this tool to optimize the success of your Google Ads campaigns and your website, watch your paid and organic rankings across key search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo, and collect accurate contact information for your prospects.


You can monitor the SEO health of your website using Seomater. It helps with expert SEO analysis, such as on-page SEO optimization for search engines. It will then offer you a comprehensive SEO report. Detailing everything from external and internal connections and backlinks to page speed and quality, as well as everything in between. Several people are looking into it.


Now that you’ve learned about 15 various SEO tools for 2022. You can pick the one that best marketing mix that meets your demands and start auditing, monitoring, and optimizing your website, individual web pages, and content to see how well it performs in search engine results.

Choosing the finest SEO tools for your website in 2022 is tough, but the 15 tools mentioned above will help you make the best decision to reach your objective.