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26 Examples Of Brilliant Email Marketing Campaigns

marketing process

Strategic marketing analysis, marketing-mix planning, marketing execution, and marketing control are the four parts that make up the marketing process.

Sending out a series of emails to present and potential consumers is known as an email marketing campaign in the marketing process. This scheduled material is sent to subscribers through email to achieve a specific business objective, including nurturing leads or promoting participation among existing customers.

As a crucial component of the inbound marketing process, email marketing campaigns help connect marketers with customers at any point in their journey.

Inbound marketing process recognizes that not everybody is ready to purchase from you right now. It is why email is a crucial medium.

Using marketing process automation software, you may reach many customers at once by sending emails directly to their inboxes. Ensure that readers have signed in to receive the emails’ content and that the message itself provides value to them.

As an illustration, consider the following goals for your email campaign:

  • Traffic generation. Email may be an excellent avenue for promoting your website’s high-value content.
  • Awareness. It is important to remember that not everybody who signs up for your email list is ready to purchase. Email marketing process may help you stay top-of-mind while also delivering the instructional materials that your customers need.
  • Lead nurturing. Your upper presence may also help determine your most purchase-intent prospects and then give them material that “nurtures” them toward a sale through conversion (or at most limited to shifting sales-ready).
  • Revenue generation. You may use email marketing process to push upsell and cross-sell chances to your current clients. Create campaigns to collect sales conversions from prospects who are about to make a purchase. Making “abandon cart” ads to recoup the loss of sales conversions would be one instance.)

Are you up for the challenge? Email marketing process campaigns that are effective must be well-written to stand out in inboxes that are already overflowing. Come on, let us talk about how to make your successful email marketing campaigns!

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How To Produce An Email Marketing Campaign

Make Use Of An Email Template For Making Plans.

Before you begin emailing your whole client database, you must have a strategy in place. Therefore, HubSpot designed this free email preparation template to assist you in determining who to email, whom to remove from your address book, or what the email’s subject line should be. Now that you have the template, you can begin organizing your email campaign campaigns.

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Determine The Campaign’s Final Aim.

Decide on the result you desire:

  • Is it to make your to-do list more manageable?
  • How do you go about promoting a new product?
  • How do you follow up when a customer leaves an online shopping cart?
  • Keep your target audience in the forefront of your mind?

Various email marketing process campaigns will provide different results, necessitating the use of multiple strategies to achieve success. Once your campaign’s goal is clear, you can start setting goals and objectives to help you achieve that goal. If you want to know whether your campaign was a success, you’ll need quantitative data to back it up with precise metrics.

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Knowing Whom To Email Is Essential.

The trick here is to know your target and use segmentation to make sure you are sending the correct message in the marketing process to the right person at the right moment in your email marketing campaign. To be successful, you must be able to execute this and incorporate it into your approach.

Consider Yourself A Buyer Persona.

It is time to strategy how to deliver value to your buyer persona, so they convert or participate in the action you need them to do once you have determined your desired outcome and goals. 

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The following are some possible questions to ponder:

  • First of all, how did they become subscribers?
  • What do they value?
  • What can I offer them that will pique their interest and make them happy?

Set Specific Enrollment Criteria And Compile A Focused List Of Potential Participants.

The people you are trying to influence already know who you are and what you need them to do. After that, you will need to put the pieces together to form the section. What characteristics do the buyers in your buyer persona share? What terms do you use in your CRM to characterize those assets?

It is a good piece of software, but it is not clever enough to recognize who you are sending it to without your input. Will the receivers all receive the emails simultaneously, or would they be enrolled in the series or campaign if they fulfill particular criteria?

Plan Out The Duration Of Time That The Campaign Will Last.

For a short-term seasonal promotion, you may need one or two emails. For a medium-length nurturing campaign, you may need several emails. Your email series should be tailored to the buyer’s path and stage in the purchase cycle. To put it another way, send the appropriate message at the right moment.

Prepare Your Emails And Follow-Ups.

It is time to plan how to get them from A (where they are) to B (where you want them to be) after you know who and why you’re emailing them (where you want them to be, the goal of the campaign).

Several touchpoints may be required within the campaign’s timeline. Follow-ups depending on the actions taken by each recipient, are also an option. Make a list of the emails you want to send and outline the main points you want recipients to remember.

Be aware that you cannot expect a single email to perform all of your tasks. To get the most out of your email campaign, try sending your receivers on a trip where each email has a specific function. As a result, you’ll have a better chance of achieving your target with each email you send.

A lead nurturing campaign, for instance, can start with a series of informative emails to move prospects from attention to consideration before delivering more conversion-focused material.

The more emails you require, the longer the purchasing process and sales cycle last.

Create Attention-Grabbing Topic Lines.

Your email’s subject field acts as a gatekeeper for the content that follows. If your buyer persona does not engage in the subject field, they will never see your content. As a result, make the most of this valuable space by including compelling material. You can achieve this in the following ways:

Create Content That Speaks To Them.

You can develop material that engages your list after knowing why you are delivering each email and have subject lines. When creating content, think about where your customer is in the purchase process and what they will find most valuable.   If you are emailing a section of subscribers who are primarily in the initial moment of the purchasing path, it makes little sense to push things.

Build Your Brand Assets.

Few individuals are interested in reading an email that consists only of text. Email receivers benefit from visual aids since they immediately grasp the message’s main idea. It is true; strategically placed imagery may enhance click-through rates, so think about how you want to communicate your message and use images to complement your message instead of simply stating it verbatim.

Use An Email Generator To Put The Pieces Together.

As soon as you have finished writing the email copy, import it into the email software application you plan to use.

MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, and Pabbly, the email marketing process, are just a few solutions available based on your requirements.

To construct, optimize, and customize your email campaigns, you will need only a basic understanding of HTML and CSS, as well as an email builder.

Add Explicit Calls To Action.

Please keep in mind that if you are sending another email into your audience’s inbox, you better have something worth saying. It would be best to think about what you want the people who receive your email to altogether remove from it.

A call-to-action (CTA) will almost always be necessary if you want them to take additional action.

Provide as few alternatives as possible to avoid confusing your email recipients. You should have a single call to action within every email you deliver. After then, tell them what to do or how it will occur if they do it.

The purpose of the CTA may be different based on the buyer’s journey stage of your client and the objectives of your email campaign as a whole. You may, for example, want to keep them engaged with more information, or you could want to encourage them to buy something.

Whichever it is, you should adhere to CTA quality standards, such as using precise wording and opposing design elements to emphasize your request.

Insert Personalization Factors.

Think about your personal history. Does it matter if your email receivers feel like they are just one of many in your database? Or would they like a more customized interaction, as if you were speaking with them one-on-one?

While automation might assist save time, it should never come at the expense of the user’s perception of the product or service. Marketing processes’ emails must be tailored to the recipient and offer content that is of interest to them. They must be individualizing.

Use customization tags to, at the very minimum, replace “Dear Sir/Madam” with their name.

Consistently Implement A Process For Them To Opt-Out.

No one on your mailing list should be unwilling to read your communications. The more you maintain them, the lower your open rates will be, and the more people will mistake your emails for spam. To top it all off, the CAN-SPAM Act mandates that you always give a means for recipients to opt-out of receiving emails from you if they so want. The unsubscribe option is usually found at the bottom of every email you send.

Ensure Your Emails Operate Across All Platforms By Giving Them A Thorough Test Drive.

Check your emails one more time before pressing the send button once you have finished building them out. Email marketing process campaigns that work are built for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones, all at the same time. Deliver them to a coworker as a sandbox test and make sure they look well on all of your gadgets and email clients.

Observe Your Metrics.

Take some notes as the campaign progresses. Is the open and click-through rate meeting your expectations? What worked well and what did not? Has the drive been a success thus far in helping you meet your objectives?

More emphasis on data means a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t for your target audience, which leads to future efforts that are more effective.

So now you learn how to use email marketing process best, look at some of the most successful ones below for some ideas.

Examples Of The Greatest Email Campaigns

You most likely have a contact email (or two, or three) if you are here. If you have used email for any length of time, you have undoubtedly gotten some suspicious packages.

We guarantee you did not refuse to toss them inside the trash since they were surprising, unenlightening, or had a headline that said something like this.

Even though email has stood the passage of time, most marketers have neglected to adapt their approaches since first introduced to the market. We have collected a selection of effective email samples to serve as inspiration for your next campaign so that you are delivering current emails that are worth your readers’ valuable time and attention.


Marketing Campaign: Email Preferences

Exceptional organizations are constantly developing, and clients have come to expect this from you. Exceptional organizations are constantly developing, and clients have come to expect this from you. As the result of too many corporations failing to live up to their half the contract, they were not expecting changes.

Why It Works

It establishes expectations for future interaction so the buyer persona may make an informed decision.

Tory Burch

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

That is something I noticed, right? Did you see how it changed positions? Isn’t it amazing? Tory Burch’s email stands out from the rest of the static letters in the user’s inbox thanks to a tiny amount of movement. They use exclusivity to their advantage by presenting the deal as a “private” one. In many cases, this posture gives the receiver the impression that they have been hand-picked, motivating them to achieve the most of the chance.

Why It Works

Emails may quickly become monotonous, impersonal, and dull. These assumptions are subverting without going crazy in this email.


Marketing Campaign: Re-Engagement Campaign

RunKeeper sends this polite, instructive email to former users in an attempt to re-engage them. The language emphasizes the software’s most recent modifications and benefits to get people to come back and utilize the app. As a result, recipients may be unaware of previously unmentioned advantages.

Why It Works

Adding small details like the welcome “Hi friend” and the ending “You great” softens the tone.


Marketing Campaign: Promotion

The usage of animation in this email marketing process design is yet another fantastic example. Swiping across the screen shows recipients “behind the hood” of personal email tools, which grabs their attention and entices them to read more. I should also mention that the headline effectively communicates the email’s topic.

Why It Works

Subtle animation enhances the email’s body content without overpowering the rest of the message. Even better, it complements the email’s aesthetic, establishing a similar-yet-contrasting central focus for the reader before they dig into the body content below it.


Marketing Campaign: Email Preferences

In this email by Loft, they hope to show that they realize how confusing your inbox may be with all the different types of messages you receive. Loft encourages its subscribers to adjust their choices to help them offer more personalization to give you more emails that you truly want to view. With this customer-focused email, the receiver will feel as though their dislikes, likes, and comments are genuinely considered.

Why It Works

The tagline “Happy Life, Happy Inbox” puts the recipient’s requirements in the foreground of everything it does. Written with a straightforward CTA in mind, the content works well.


Marketing Campaign: Promotion

You have probably heard it a million different ways (including from us), but your calls-to-action must evoke a feeling of urgency. Is not it what motivates a lead to take some action? 

UncommonGoods’ email, on the other hand, succeeds in instilling a sense of urgency by emphasizing the need to take action immediately.

Why It Works

The fact that you reminded me now rather than later is very appreciated. 


Marketing Campaign: Customer Delight

We will be honest with you: JetBlue has a significant email marketing infatuation with us. And in this hilarious email campaign, they strive to provide their beloved marketing to re engage customers jokingly. To develop a memorable campaign that promotes without being intrusive, every aspect from the headline to the three humorous points and the practical CTA works together.

Why It Works

This piece oozes friendliness and humor, thanks to the inclusion of airline references. Emails that read like they’re coming from a friend are more likely to get a positive response than those that do not.

Harpoon Brewery

Marketing Campaign: Customer Delight

Aren’t my colleagues at Harpoon thoughtful? This introductory, timely email is powerful because it seems like it is from a buddy and has a personal touch. Email marketing process may quickly become robotic in the age of email automation. Although I am confident a computer program generated this email, it still has a human quality.

If you want to improve your connection with your current customers, consider sending a simple email like this one to let them understand you are thinking about them.

Why It Works

Sending an email on a person’s birthday was a thoughtful touch, using a personalized greeting.

Rip Curl

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

Would you not say that is rather potent? As a result of the combination of haste and our physiological desire to be a part of something, Rip Curl has come up with an email subject line that leaps off the screen. People are supposed to believe that a “revolution” is occurring and that now is their chance to join in.

Why It Works

By acquiring this stylish watch, individuals will feel like they are contributing to something greater than themselves.

J.Crew Factory

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

The challenge is true for many of us when it comes to gift-wrapping.  Because of this, J. Crew Factory came up with a gift card option for individuals who could not wrap a present on Pinterest. To ensure no one is left out, the email provides two options for picking up a gift card: in-store or online.

To make the purchase even more accessible, they have provided a map of the closest store location after the email.

Why It Works

It incorporates lightheartedness with a low-stress, reduced solution.

Charity: Water

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

Many individuals overlook transactional emails while discussing email marketing. When you take action on a website, you will receive these automatic emails in your mailbox. Filling out a form, buying something, or keeping you updated on the status of your order might all fall under this category. Marketers frequently use simple emails that are left unattended.

Well, altruism prevailed: the flow of water was diverting. A donor’s money travels far when it goes to a charity: water project. On the other hand, Charity: water sends automatic emails to contributors to show them how their cash is used over time.  Because of the project timetable and supporting table, you do not even have to read the email to know where you stand in the process, allowing you to go on to other tasks.

Why It Works

To remain top-of-mind and increase future engagement, it presents the audience and displays the influence of their activities on the company.

Brooks Sports

Marketing Campaign: Engagement

Desiree Linden won the 2018 Boston Marathon, the first American woman to do it in over 30 years. The event served as a chance for Brooks Sports, her official shoe and clothing sponsor, to commemorate their long-term relationship. We used the Olympic runner’s name as the main subject line to develop an email marketing process campaign.

Email campaigns such as this one allow organizations to show their devotion to the items their most loyal customers want while also adding value to those products. The blue CTA button that says, “See Desiree’s go-to gear,” is not seen at the bottom of the email. As a result, the merchandise worn by America’s newest icon is ideal for drawing attention to it.

Why It Works

Everyone recognized Desiree’s identity after her triumph. Brooks Sports pounced on an opportunity with a secure email that was certain to be read and sent.


Marketing Campaign: Engagement

Uber’s emails are beautiful because of their minimalism. Deals and offers are sent to email subscribers in the form of emails like the one below. The email’s concise opening description and crystal-clear call to action (CTA) is ideal for those subscribers who are just scanning.

Those interested in learning more can read on for a longer (but still crucial) explanation of how the deal works.

Uber’s emails have a great look and feel to them, thanks to the brand-consistent design.  Geometric shapes and bright colors adorn the emails, much like they do on their app, social media posts, website, and other visual branding elements.

Why It Works

Every one of Uber’s marketing process and communications assets tells a story about the company, and maintaining a consistent brand image is an essential part of building customer loyalty.


Marketing Campaign: Customer Delight

We enjoy receiving TheSkimm’s daily newsletter because of the simple layout and concise words. However, TheSkimm’s email capabilities go well beyond newsletters. Here is an example of an email sent to subscribers to encourage them to stay engaged after two years.

Emails sent on special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, are welcome — after all, who doesn’t enjoy a reason to celebrate? Because anniversary emails do not ask for any more information from recipients, they work for many senders. It is also possible to alter the timeline to fit the company strategy.

Why It Works

TheSkimm went one step beyond and asked Mineo if she wanted to become a brand ambassador by becoming a committed member — which meant she had to provide the information to ten of her friends.

Mom and Dad Money

Marketing Campaign: Questionnaire

Do not trust what you know. You understand about the folks who are opening your marketing emails. Presumptions make up a large part of what you “know” regarding them. About market research, the most effective buyer personas are built on insights gleaned from your actual readership via interviews, surveys, and so on.

Mom and Dad Money’s Matt Becker accomplish precisely that, and he does it quite well.

Here is an email I got from this company in the past. It is not particularly eye-catching in terms of design, but that is not the objective. It is written in the same style as an email from a friend or acquaintance requesting a favor right now.

Why It Works

A few days afterward, I completed the survey. I received a personal email from Matt complimenting me for finishing it and offering a wealth of practical advice and links to information explicitly targeted to my comments. Matt’s reply was far better than the original email. In addition to his business knowledge and communication abilities, I was struck by his apparent devotion to his audience.


Marketing Campaign: Promotion

Pam Vaughan opened this email from cosmetics subscription provider Birchbox because of the intriguing subject line. Your February Box came with a note that stated, “We Forgot Something.” Even though Birchbox did not include the coupon code in her box, the email wording below shows that they did not. Still, it was a creative approach to attract her attention.

There was a significant disclosure about the promo code as a bonus promotion for Rent the Runway, a clothing rental firm that most Birchbox subscribers are likely to be interested in, and it did not disappoint. Right there, we have a terrific example of a co-marketing collaboration at work.

Why It Works

It piqued her interest and brought her a pleasant surprise.


Marketing Campaign: Promotion

GIFs hold a special place in my heart. When you see a cute animated GIF in one of Postmates’ emails and realize how much you had enjoyed some wonderful Chipotle, you will want to eat it right now. That’s the power of GIFs.

GIFs may be used to present a humorous header, attract attention to a particular area of an email, or demonstrate your services and products.

Why It Works

It puts the focus squarely on the item in a fun, enticing manner.


Marketing Campaign: Re-Engagement

Getting excited about an email from a brand you’ve never heard of before may seem impossible. On the other hand, Dropbox used a pair of quirky cartoons and an emoji to make their “return back to us!” Email is adorable and amusing.

Dropbox did not want to intrude, so the email was made sweet and short to convey that. Instead, it wanted to remind the reader that the brand is different and why it may be beneficial. If you are sending this email, consider including a promotional offer like a limited-time voucher to entice consumers to return to your site.

Why It Works

Dropbox logo is creatively and uniquely used to show their business as a solution through the usage of the Dropbox logo.

InVision App

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

Weekly, InVision sends a digest of their most good blog posts, favorite design links, and a chance to win a free t-shirt to its subscribers. (Seriously. Once a week, they release a new design to the public.) In addition, they occasionally conduct amusing survey questions to get information for their blog from the general public. For instance, this week’s poll asked viewers what they would do without the internet.

Why It Works

Besides having a fantastic variety of material, I particularly appreciate how well-balanced InVision’s email is between photos and text, making it readable and mobile-friendly.  The innovative language that appears just on call-to-action (CTA) icons also gets our vote of approval.

Cook Smarts

Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

Cook Smarts’ “Weekly Eats” email newsletter has long been one of my favorites. Every week, I receive an email from the company with delicious dishes and a food plan. But it is not just because of the fantastic recipes that I included — I am a big fan of the emails.

Cook Smarts’ emails have a very appealing design, with three unique sections: a menu portion, a kitchen what section, and a suggestion section. To put it another way, after a couple of emails, you will know just where to search to discover the most intriguing portion of its blog articles.

This email has a great call-to-action at the top right of it from Cook Smarts: “Forward to a Friend.”

Why It Works

Email is incredibly shareable via — you got it — email, then you should also consider asking your subscribers to forward your emails to colleagues, relatives, or coworkers. Emails.


Marketing Process Campaign: Email Preferences

We admire HireVue for sending automatic unsubscribe letters in the first place, as well as for their excellent design and copywriting. It is a good idea to remove people from your subscriber list who are not receiving your emails because having a low open rate might harm your email delivery.

Why It Works

As a result of the button copy’s pattern interruption, it forces the recipient to reevaluate their motivations before acting.

Paperless Post

Marketing Campaign: Promotion

Many people associate “holiday email marketing” with Christmas, but there are other occasions each year for which you might run campaigns. This email’s header has a solid call to action and a feeling of urgency. After that, the subheader poses a question to compel the audience to reflect: “When is the next Mother’s Day, anyway? Is there a card in there for Mom?”

In other words, each image on the card is a call to action (CTA) that, when clicked, directs you to a buy page.

Why It Works

As a result, the recipient feels good about themselves since they were motivated to accomplish something they may have overlooked (send a card). With this gift, the receiver won’t feel bad about ignoring Mother’s Day in the future.


Marketing Campaign: Engagement

Stitcher’s “Suggested For You” emails are one of my favorite parts of the on-demand audio program app. Instead of trying new podcasts, I usually listen to the latest episodes of those I have been listening to. Stitcher indeed wants me to find (and subscribe to) all of its fantastic material, but I will not do so until it makes an effort.

This email, in my opinion, also utilizes responsive design in an exemplary manner. The colors pop, and scrolling and clicking are a breeze because of the substantial call-to-action buttons. Additionally, mobile email has valuable features for users who are accessing it from their mobile device. Take a look at the call to action at the end of the letter. Pressing the “Open Stitcher Radio” button will launch the application on your phone and play music from Stitcher Radio.

Why It Works

Humans have a strong need for unique and customized encounters.  When you receive emails that look to have been customized particularly for you, you’ll feel valued because you are not getting the same thing as everyone else. You may even get the impression that the organization delivering you the email knows something about you and that it genuinely cares about your happiness.


Marketing Campaign: Update

Stormy weather and internet service providers are natural foes. If hurricane power disruptions are the one thing that makes customers impatient, you had expected telecommunications firms would avoid drawing attention to them. RCN is another option.

In this email marketing process effort, RCN, a wireless and cables internet service provider, converted an email into a weather prediction for its clients alone. To be one step ahead of a potentially catastrophic occurrence, the firm implemented this “storm update,” which allowed customers to receive weather information directly from the provider of their Wi-Fi service.

As you can see in the example below, the email goes so far as to caution recipients about personal safety. RCN also used the email’s final paragraph to promote its social media platforms, which it employs to keep customers updated on network failures as they occur.

Why It Works

It is just an update, that is all. There will be no marketing or selling. With the user’s best interest at heart, hopes for something they would care about soon formed.


Marketing Campaign: Newsletter

Thought leadership is something I believe. Some of the finest organizations, in my opinion, establish client loyalty by being the go-to resource for knowledge on a particular subject. Property investment search engine Trulia is that authority in the field for buyers, renters, and sellers. How am I aware of this? It is easy to find out who they are by reading their emails, such as the one below.

“What’s keeping millennials in their current locations?” This email campaign’s subject line begins with the words “Relocation Trends in the United States” before going on to provide some intriguing statistics. No one benefits from individuals choosing not to relocate, but Trulia benefits by keeping an eye on industry trends and demonstrating that it cares about them.

Why It Works

It opens a loop by posing a question that the recipient needs to take action to get the answer.


Marketing Campaign: Promotion

In so many ways, this email marketing effort succeeds.

RedBubble is an online retailer of handcrafted goods featuring artwork created by independent artists from around the world. It is a great chance to highlight some of the most popular RedBubble contributions.

Here’s an illustration of “Letter Shoppe” artwork featured on RedBubble, which increases the likelihood that the artist will share it with friends and colleagues.

Additionally, the email campaign included an adorable comment from the Prominent Artist: “Never sacrifice on your principles, and only do work you want to receive more of.” in addition to links to Letter Shoppe’s designs (accessible on RedBubble-sold items). Customers of RedBubble are ready to comply, and they will open subsequent emails in this campaign to find more motivational sayings to share with their friends.

Why It Works

Instead of selling stuff, the email presents the objects as works of art.

Here are a few of our all-time favorites. In terms of marketing emails, do not just adhere to best practices. Sending emails from your work address may be optimized for conversion with some forethought.