30 Digital Marketing Tools In 2021 For Small Businesses

30 Digital marketing tools for small business in 2021

Finding the right digital marketing tools for your business takes a lot of effort and time. We have handpicked some of the best tools out there.

You can also filter the list according to your needs.

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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing makes use of digital channels including websites, social media, and mobile apps. Using these channels, you can endorse brands, goods, and services using digital marketing. Through digital marketing, many companies are earning because of the strategy they are using.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

Digital marketing is an essential tool for successful businesses because it can help gain and attract an audience. You can also reach customers and save money with the use of a digital marketing strategy. You can get viewers that can help you to improve your brand.

Who Is In-charge Of Digital Marketing?

These are the people in-charge in digital marketing in managing social media for businesses.

  • Social media manager – he or she is the one who manages your accounts
  • Freelance social media consultants – They are the ones who help with your social media needs
  • Social media management firms – These are companies or agencies that manage your social media networks. They can be in-house or freelance, depending on your company’s needs.

Digital Marketing Tools

Hub Spot

HubSpot is a digital marketing tool which is known as the latest marketing product of email. It is a marketing that is very easy to use with effective and impressive delivery of products. It also has a ready template, contact list and email builder for free.

Pricing: Free trial, Subscription


Best features: Log and track emails better, use the documents tool, create email templates, create and share meeting links, enroll contacts in a sequence


Google Search Console

Google Search Console is known as one of the digital marketing tools that most small businesses are using. Google is working with different marketing online and earns money from companies.

Pricing: Free


Best features: Search traffic, search appearance, additional educational resources


Sitetrail is one of the digital marketing tools that offer news and trust for the readers. You can get brand messages also from your target viewers.

Pricing: Subscription


Best features: Press Release Writing & Distribution, WordPress Ecommerce Web Development, Annual Digital Marketing Plan.

The WishPond

The wishpond is about promoting your marketing without knowing anything. It can make something that helps in targeting your audience. It also helps to fix your website to achieve something.

Pricing: Free , Subscription


Best features: All in one marketing, marketing automation, campaign management, analytics


Woobox is one of the digital marketing tools that makes content more attractive. The goal is to provide social competitions and giveaways, such as facebook contests. They select winners through posts and comments that have hashtags. These marketing tools make your business more popular.

Pricing: Free , Subscription


Best features: Creates endless campaigns, Quick and powerful customization, Learn key insights about your audience, Optimize campaigns overtime


Wyng is a marketing tool that focuses on hashtags campaigns, contests, and referral programs. Their main goal is to transform brands through social buyers. They also have platforms that monitor campaign performance.

Pricing: Free , Subscription


Best features: Digital content rights management, integration with third party tools like SproutSocial and Social Response


WooRank is a digital marketing tool that can be used for free or paid choices. It also helps in enhancing your website SEO. It helps you see keywords of your competitors’ target.

Pricing: Free , Subscription


Best features: SEO Auditing, Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, SEO Reporting

Email Marketing Tools


ActiveCampaign is an email marketing platform that helps over 100,000 businesses in all over the world to connect with their customers. It develops optimization for customers’ experience by evaluating confidential sales, marketing and support service.

Pricing: Free Trial, Subscription


Best features: Marketing automations, built-in integration, smart auto response


 Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that helps you to open out the word through social media and email from just one place.

Pricing: Free Trial, Subscription


Best features: Auto adjust smart columns for emails, customize and responsive email templates, comprehensive image library

 Get Response

GetResponse is email marketing tools that authorizes you to make an essential marketing list of partners and clients, so you can build a relationship and profitable customers foundation.

Pricing: Free Trial , Subscription


Best features: Conversion funnel, email analytics, marketing automation


MailChimp is a big marketing tool in email that can send up to 250 billion emails. The best thing is that it has a free plan forever that can be used by the small businesses that look for email marketing. It is best for beginners to start with great tools.

Pricing: Free Plan , Subscription


Best features: Ready to use campaign templates, product recommendation, advanced segmentation, comparative data, campaign sharing on social media


Slack is a marketing tool for small businesses that helps in collaboration of messages. It helps to run channels that separates important messages on your business topics that can’t be broken in team discussions. It is best for sharing your content to potent individuals in the industry.

Pricing: Free , Subscription


Best features: Managing and tracking documents, Advance search modifiers, Lightning quick navigation, Setting reminders, Using shared channels across workplaces


SendinBlue is an email marketing solution for relationships on your website. It will help in customer concerns, marketing, products and technical issues.

Pricing: Free Trial , Subscription


Best features: Excellent deliverability, advance marketing automation tools, unlimited contacts


SendGrind is an email marketing provider that allows you to send email without sustaining email servers. It manages all your email technical details from monitoring the services.

Pricing: Free, Subscription


Best features: Email scheduling parameters, 2 factor authentication, IP warm up

Search Engine Marketing Tools



Buffer is a software application for web and mobile that is developed to manage accounts in social media, by offering a user to schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as well as analyzing the outcome and connecting with their community.

Pricing: Free , Pro Version


Best features: Create a custom schedule for every platform and profile, plan biggest content with a social media marketing calendar, measure what’s working or not, track your best performing content, schedule retweets to share at the perfect time

Google adwords

Google Adwords is a search engine marketing platform that is known for its advertising system. Advertisers can offer keywords to their clickable ads to pop up in Google search outcomes. Since they have to pay these clicks, this is how google makes profit.

Pricing: Free , Subscription


Best features: Image Ad creator, auction insights, keyword diagnosis, search term reports

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a search engine marketing that offers pay per click advertising. It allows you to assign campaigns from different search partners’ target and time zone. Bing Ads is very transparent in details when it comes to its search partners.

Pricing: Free


Best features: Flexible about partner targeting, mastered ad scheduling


Ask.com is a search engine marketing platform that helps people find web pages by typing the subject they want. It is a platform that allows everyone to ask anything they want to look at.

Pricing: Free


Best features: Homepage categories, Answer page, Video Searching


Social Media Marketing Tools

Sprout Social Media

If you are a social media expert, you may have many followers because of the influence you give to people. With this, you can use your impact on people through marketing. The more followers and viewers you have, the more information you collect. You can use this as your strategy in marketing.

Pricing: Free Trial, Subscription

Best features: Smart inbox, Review management, Task assignment, Help desk integration, Team reports


Siteliner is an easy method for you to know your SEO issue. It can find content that matches from other websites. It helps you to improve your website and stand with others.

Pricing: Free, Subscription

Best features: Detailed page results, Summary information for the entire site, Page power, Multiple types of reports, Duplicate content


Trello is a digital marketing tool that can help your content be more creative and also share ideas with different teams. It provides a planner of your content and allows you to make campaigns and other topics. It helps your strategist to plan your content.

Pricing: Free Trial, Subscription

Best features: Detailed & Quick Overviews of Front/Back Cards, Easy Drag and Drop Editing, Progress Meter Checklist, Easy Upload, File Attachment


Raven is a marketing tool that helps marketers gain something great. It focuses more on marketing campaigns and results. It is a report builder that can connect you with Facebook and Google Analytics directly.

Pricing: Free Trial, Subscription

Best features: Social media lead generation, Unlimited auto follow from Twitter, Social media growth analytics


Sniply is a marketing tool that helps your content to have unique and better links. It also allows you to track visitors and conversation rate on your website. It is best for small businesses because it will help you to make an easy yet successful marketing strategy.

Pricing: Free Trial, Subscription

Best features: Extension integrations, Form snips, RSS feeds


Nanigans is an advertising channel that emphasizes facebook. It has access to making the target more effective. It is one of the digital marketing tools that most businesses use.The objective is to focus more on Instagram ads and Twitter ads.

Pricing: Free Demo, Subscription

Best features: Time-saving workflow automation, Custom and deep data integrations, Proprietary software, World class insights & reporting


Canva is a service that requires subscription to avail. It provides users who need web design simple and don’t have a budget for graphic designers. This tool is designed to create logos,charts,graphs and shapes.It is very helpful to those in need of designs

Pricing: Free, Subscription

Best features: Layouts for every occasion, Custom template, Customizing brand, Photo editing, Library of fonts, Drag & drop editor, Social media graphics

Website Analytics Tools


Kissmetrics is a useful business platform that lets users identify, monitor and improve the elements substantial to the success of the business.It provides analytics tools that can help you transform and grow the entire website. The platform leads your visitors to the website through the entire change and offers you reports on every part of the channel. This helps in your process to expand sales and income.

Pricing: Subscription

Best features: Free set-up guides, unlimited customer profiles, email support, no limit conversion periods, real time data monitoring tool

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for most websites nowadays. Google has more up-to-date analytics that clear up much of your information on the website. It includes who your website visitors are, how they make their path through your sales channel and what they are doing on your website in actual.

Pricing: Free , Premium Version

Best features: Tracking of goals, campaign measurement, audience reports, flow visualization, custom reports



HotJar is an exploits analytics and users response that helps you to know the habits of your website visitors and get their response through the use of the tools such as surveys and session recordings.

Pricing: Free , Subscription

Best features: Conversion rate optimization, feedback management, get real surveys and feedbacks, online reporting, web analytics



Woopra is a platform analytics that is basically styled for ecommerce businesses. Finding a way to help you solve the issues of cart desertion, Woopra analyzes every method of your website’s check out page to identify which traffic source is the most essential for check out accomplishment.

Pricing: Free trial , Subscription

Best features: Real time analytics and data, track all customers activity, website and mobile app data, build customers segment, create custom report, automatic segment updating



Optimizely is a marketing tool that considers an online experiment. It helps in optimizing your conversation level. It also allows you to run tests on your website in order to increase revenues of the conversation

Pricing: Subscription

Best features: Conversion goal, Confidence level, Multivariate testing


We hope that this curated list of digital marketing tools will help your business grow. You might be using some of these tools.

Which of these digital marketing tools you want to try in 2021? Is it a SEO tool or an email marketing tool?

Did we miss any of your favorite digital marketing tools? Leave a comment below.


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