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7 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

If you want to grow your brand and have lifelong success in your business, having knowledge about how to use social media platforms will automatically help you with new opportunities especially in growing your prospective customers.

In order to get social media power you need to listen to your customers to easily determine an effective social media strategy and which social networks your audiences are mostly active. Next is sharing your relevant message to get brand reputation. Lastly, you should enable others to share your relevant message.

Here are several key walks on how you can effectively use electronic life to build up your business.

1. Be Consistent

In using social media in business we need to have consistency in our plan and time of posting in each time. In this way customers will able to recognize your business as well as your brand. It will allow your social media post to have more engagements and  to reach more customers. It is more successful if you have a posting schedule in hand.

2. Make Customized Content For Every Stage

It is not advised to post the same content in all your social media accounts. It Is because every platform has its own readers and fans. Each one is expecting different content that will interest them. If you post different things in different platforms, it could help you boost engagements . For example, in your twitter account you will post news, blogs and GIFs and in your Instagram you will post about high-resolution photos, quotes and stories.

3. Remain True to Your Brand Message

If you want to have a strong social media presence, you need to remain true to your brand message.

You may like to write a post that gets attention, but this will be useless if you don’t make sure that the content aligns with your goals.

So, your message should align with your images and your hashtags  as well. Remember it is not the number of likes and share that matters.

Some posts like testimonials, charity posts, press features and important blog posts don’t get much of attention but these  are really important pieces of content when it comes to establishing your validity in the market.

4. Create Relevant and Original content

If you create your own content, make it sure it is unique and will stand out that others will find it as content that they have never seen before. If you have this kind of content it will establish authority and increase your brand credibility. Original content about the products or services that you offer will let people know about the kind of work that you can do for them.

5. Go for What Works for You and Your Business

Test all social media platforms and discover the best of the best among them. Use one platform that best works in your specific type of business that could attract more engagement from prospective clients, and take advantage with this social media platform that could help you increase your sales.

6. Post on All Platforms

Having a chance to be fruitful with online life.  You have to post over all platforms. If you choose to only use Facebook because you find it easy to use, consider that other target customers prefer other social media networks.

There are also recommended social media management software for you to manage all your social media accounts easily.

7. Don’t Just Post for Likes and Shares

Some content don’t get a lot of likes, including charity posts, press releases, posts and testimonials.

But you need these pieces of content when it comes to establishing your validity in the market, but they still don’t get much of attention.

Also remember not to post something irrelevant just to get some likes or shares.  These content may not be popular, but it helps build strength in your company.

You can find some interesting competitions that will encourage your target customers to engage just by answering mystery questions in exchange of prizes.


7 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media


Dr. Marie Gabrielle Bedia