8 Easy Ways of Building Apps With No Coding


Not long ago, building apps required a vast knowledge of coding. You need to be a proficient code writer, even with that, it will take days or weeks building one. But in today’s time, anyone can build apps.

There are many apps builders in the market today that create apps without you even writing a code. They are very cheap and are time savers if you are on a tight budget.

Here is a list of the tools you would want to work with.

  1. AppMakr

This is a tool for creating HTML5, Android, and iOS. One of the best features of this tool is that you can build apps infinitely and give updates as much as you can.

It has features that include chat rooms, gallery, live streaming, live updates, Google map integration and many more.

Not only that, but it is a free tool but gives an excellent offer when you publish for $99.

  1. Tilda

This is a tool that focuses on content-oriented websites. You can build great-looking pages in all devices that you can use. Solely focusing on aesthetics and quality typography will attract readers all around. Additionally, this is one of the great tools for creating blog sites, news sites, and more.

3. Apple Pie

If you want an easy-to-use and non-coding tool, Apple Pie is for you. Creating apps with this tool will be a great experience, fast and fun. You can build apps for iOS and Android OS.

This tool offers a very good plan, especially if you are a beginner in this area of specialty. But to fully utilize the full potential of Apple Pie, you may need to pay for their premium features.

Furthermore, many creators prefer this tool to any other app building tool because of its competitive analytical capacity and its unique features. Aside from that, you can integrate important features for your apps.

  1. Buzztouch

When designing an interactive Android app,  you can rely on Buzztouch. It supports systems such as Android and iOS. This is a comprehensive online tool to make apps.

With this tool, you can customize all you want without limits and it will enable you to use pre-written plugins.

Also, you can create apps on its server for free, but it is limited. For you to gain access to its full capacity, registering in their premium plans might be a good idea.

  1. GamesSalad

Do you want to be a game developer without skills and knowledge in coding?

We recommend using GameSalad. Used solely for the creation of games, GameSalad supports iOS, macOS, Android, HTML5 and iOS. With its drop-and-drag interface, average people without prior knowledge can make excellent games. It also includes in-app shopping and GameCircle APIs. There is also a large healthy community that offers support on this tool.

  1. Andromo

Creating great apps at a faster rate is what Andromo is all about. Building your first application is free. They offer great plans and premium plans. As its name suggests, it only supports Android OS; however, it is a much more intelligent, faster app builder tool. Also, Andromo may enable you to create without compromising the real Java Code. It is a timesaver for creating apps.

  1. Swiftic

This is one of the best app builder tools out there. Swiftic comes from its former name Como.

Swift to create, easy to make. With this tool, regardless of experience and knowledge, you can easily build apps anywhere. It includes a wide variety of unique features and advanced analytical capabilities. Moreover, it also has a user interface that utilize the drop-and-drag feature, user review, social feeds, RSS and many more.

It is free to use, but if you want to enjoy its full benefits, you can upgrade your plan.

  1. AppMachine

A machine for creating apps? Yes. Not only it can create apps, but it is also fun to use. No need to do research on how to use this tool. There are articles and tutorials for you to learn using AppMachine.

Beginners, as well as seasoned app makers, can fully utilize this tool. There is also a “pro” plans that include excel and Java OS integration. Using this tool will be fun and intuitive.


Not long ago, if you hear people talking about building or creating apps, you assume that they are very well-versed in coding. But today, many people now create apps for fun, so there are many kinds of app builders available in the market. Just select one to fit the nature of your apps.

Interested? Try them now, as most of them are free.

Written by: Loui James Barrido


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