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Ask Yourself These 100 Questions When Creating A Buyer Persona

marketing mix product

When buying a gift for a close friend whose views, hobbies, and preferences you are familiar with, you can understand how important it is to get to know the recipient on a personal level in marketing mix product. You might be able to come up with a good gift idea without knowing much more than the basics, but it takes more than that to produce something truly unique that will delight the recipient.

Imagine being invited to a birthday party for a distant relative you haven’t seen in over a decade. Her age, gender, and employment are all known to you, but you don’t know anything else about her.

Now that you know this, how would you go about locating the perfect birthday present for her in marketing mix products?

The same idea applies when it comes to advertising and selling your things. If you just have a rudimentary understanding of your target clientele, your ad copy and marketing materials in marketing mix products will be focused at an overly broad audience. However, if you really dig in and get to know your potential clients, you’ll find it a lot easier to produce the kind of customized, laser-targeted marketing that nearly drives them to buy.

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The buyer persona, defined by HubSpot as “a semi-fictional picture of your ideal consumer based on market research and true information about your current consumers,” is the key to truly understanding your future customers in marketing mix products.

I’ve put up a list of 100 questions to ask your target customer to help you get started with your market research and construct the perfect buyer persona. While you don’t have to answer all of them, gathering as much information to marketing mix products as possible may aid in the development of high-converting content and provide you an edge over competitors who haven’t taken the time to learn about your common target.

100 Questions to Assist in the Development of a Buyer Persona

Background and Early History

1) Could you tell me what his name is?

2) What is his age?

3) Does he look like a guy or a woman?

4) What nation did he come from?

5) Where did he spend his childhood?

6) Did he spend his childhood in the country, the suburbs, or the city?

7) What kind of family did he grow up in?

8) What was his mother’s source of income?

9) What was his father’s source of income?

10) Is he still living with his mother and father?

11) When it came to parenting, were his parents lenient, authoritarian, or somewhere in the middle?

12) Are any of his siblings or sisters linked to him?

13) Where does he fall in the birth order?

14) What ethnic or racial heritage does he have?

15) What were his favorite activities as a kid?

16) Could you share some of his fondest childhood memories with me?

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17) What elementary, middle, and high school did he attend?

18) What was his favorite subject in high school?

19) What were his school grades?

20) Does he enjoy learning new things?

21) Did he have a lot of friends, a few close buddies, or no friends at all?

22) Was he having any difficulties at school?

23) Did he go to college?

24) So, where did he go if that’s the case?

25) What did he major in?

26) How was his college experience?

27) If he didn’t go to college after high school, what did he do?

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Work Experience Previously

28) Could you tell me a little bit about his first job?

29) What is he going to do now?

30) How did he end up in this situation?

31) How long does he stay at each job on average?

32) What is his current salary?

33) Does he consider himself to be fairly compensated?

34) Does he like his boss?

35) Does he like his coworkers?

36) Is he pleased with the assignment he’s been assigned?

37) What challenges does he confront in his current position?

38) What would be his dream job?

39) How does he plan on pursuing this position (if he even wants it)?

40) When do you suppose he’ll hang up his hat?

Present Situation

41) What is his current address?

42) What sort of house is he presently living in?

43) Is he sharing a room with anyone?

44) Is he satisfied with his current circumstances or does he desire a change?

45) Does he have close contact with his family outside of his own family?

46) Do you know whether he has any animals?

47) Do you think he’s single, dating, or married?

48. Is this the type of relationship he prefers? (Is he alone by choice or because he hasn’t found a suitable partner, for instance?)

49) Does he have a huge group of friends, a small group of friends, or none at all?

50) Does he enjoy traveling?

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51) What is his financial situation?

52) Is there anything he owes anyone? (And, if so, which type?)

53) Does he make well-informed purchase decisions or does he take chances with his money?

54) How does he feel about his current spending habits?

55) What factors impact his purchasing decision?

56) In his current role, is he in charge of financial decisions?

Personal Narratives

57) Do you have any information regarding his sexual orientation?

58) Is he a devout Christian?

59) What political views does he hold?

60) Does he make an effort to stay in shape and stay healthy?

61) Is he self-conscious about his physical appearance?

62) Can you tell me about some of his current interests?

63) What is his favorite show on television?

64) What is his favorite film of all time?

65) Could you tell me what sort of music he prefers?

66) Is he a morning person or a night owl?

67) What does he do first thing in the morning?

68) Does he eat out or prepare meals at home?

69) Is he a neat freak or is he unconcerned about messes?

70) How does he spend his weekends?

71) When he goes shopping, where does he go?

72) Is he an avid reader?

73) Does he have a drinking problem?

74) Does he smoke?

75) Does he utilize drugs for recreational purposes?

76) Is there anything in his weekly schedule that he wishes he could change?

77) Does he know how to use a computer?

78) Where does he spend the most of his time on social media?

Motivations, emotions, and ideas

79) Do you think he’s more of an introvert or an extrovert?

80. Is he a pessimist or an optimist? 80) Is he a pessimist or an optimist?

81) Is his personality more right-brained or left-brained?

82) Is he quiet or gregarious?

83) Does he have a practical personality or is he easily distracted?

84) Does he like to follow the rules or do he enjoy situations when he may put them to the test?

85) Would he rather take chances or play it safe?

86) Is he a risk-taker or prefers to go along with the crowd?

87) Does he have a flexible or inflexible cognitive process?

88) Is he more spontaneous or does he like pre-planned activities?

89) Does he find inspiration in his personal achievements or in how others view his efforts?

90) How does the effect of other people’s opinions affect him emotionally?

91) What would he require for his life to be considered a success?

92) What may have led him to feel he had failed in life?

Business Observations

93) Is there anything he doesn’t like about your product?

94) How can you help him overcome his individual difficulties?

95) How can your product help him achieve his full potential?

96) How does he like to communicate with you?

97) Does he have any worries about using the internet to make payments?

98) Does he have any worries about privacy on the internet?

99) How can you tailor onboarding to meet his requirements?

100) What factors could influence his choice to choose a competitor’s product instead of yours?

Pay special attention to the questions in marketing mix products in the “Thoughts, Feelings, and Motivations” section, as well as the ones above that ask about the customer’s feelings. The answers to these questions in marketing mix products will help you figure out the ideal marketing plan for your target customers.

Furthermore, marketing mix product in the “Business Insight” section’s questions will uncover important objections that must be addressed in your sales copy in a way that is consistent with the buyer’s information you’ve obtained from the rest of your market research.

Even half of these questions should be enough to provide you enough knowledge about your target market and marketing mix product to generate effective marketing materials.

This list, however, marketing mix product should not be construed as exhaustive. When it comes to developing your company’s distinct ultimate buyer persona and reaping the rewards that come with it, you may add your own questions in marketing mix product over time or cross out those that aren’t applicable.