Financial institutions — insurers, financial advisers, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and others — have different website design requirements than other types of businesses. A financial services website must combine confidentiality, enforcement, customer engagement, marketing, and branding. That necessitates the hiring of a qualified web designer.

Why Choose Eternus Global To Create Your Banking or Finance Website?

Experience with Financial Services Websites

While the values of successful web design trump business, knowing that your design partner has expertise in your industry can be comforting. When looking for a web developer, check at their case studies and inquire about former customers. Inquire if they have partnered for other insurers, financial consultants, or any similar businesses.

Expertise with the Right Website Platforms

The forum you use for your financial services website is important. It influences the expense of your website’s design and production, as well as its capabilities, security features, and ease of updating.

Strong Understanding of Security and Compliance

As a financial institution, you are aware of the importance of keeping all correspondence safe, legal, and open. Your financial services website shall adhere to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, as well as all subsequent changes. For example, you must encrypt all consumer records and put safeguards in place to avoid unwanted access to customer details. Based on the items you sell, your website can be required by regulators to provide such disclosures or rate details.

Compliance should complement, not conflict with, your SEO approach. To excel, the website development team should involve experts who understand enforcement, protection, information, and SEO to ensure that it is legal while still being usable.

Another critical problem, which is not exclusive to the finance sector, is ADA compliance. All companies must make their websites accessible to people with disabilities, and your preferred website developer should be up to date on the current standards and best practices.

Respect for User Experience of Finance Customers

The user interface you have will make or break how a client or prospect perceives your brand. A website can allow users to find what they are looking for while still directing them in the direction you want them to go. The path through the sales funnel should be normal.

Finance consumers, in particular, have some preferences when they visit a website. Customers in the business-to-consumer sector may want to see more of a financial institution’s personality and ideals, and emotion often plays a role in their experience. B2B customers are more likely to need information quickly and to seek out good, supportive information, especially when securing buy-in from multiple stakeholders. Look for a web development firm that has experience with all types of user journeys and can take the time to discover any desires unique to your clients.

Digital Marketing Capabilities

Banking, accounting, and insurance are also very dynamic markets. Obtaining and retaining consumers is a continuous process. Since your financial services website should be designed with digital marketing in mind, you will want to choose a website construction firm that also specializes in such solutions. When your website is already set up for a content marketing plan, email nurture promotions, or other forms of digital marketing, you’re off to a good start. Your website should also be able to monitor metrics and report on the key performance indicators (KPIs) that you consider significant.

Secure Hosting Abilities

You are not required to host your website with the same company that designed it, although in some circumstances, this is an alternative. Good encryption and 24/7 surveillance are important regardless of where the website is located. Learn about the kinds of firewalls, SSL, and antivirus security that your hosting service provides, as well as how much they back up your website.

Why Trust Eternus Global For Your Finance Website Design?

We have end-to-end digital platforms for banks, credit unions, insurance providers, and other financial institutions and are delighted to share examples of other companies with which we have collaborated.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company expand through expert web design and production, digital marketing, and hosting.