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Top Reasons Why Australian Companies Choose Philippines Outsourcing

Choose Philippines Outsourcing!

Building offshore groups was once pursuits for organizations on the center of the city. Not anymore. In these days’ trade panorama, small to medium sized companies are in a excellent role to take expertise of the cost effective savings and productivity that incorporates building an offshore body of workers.

For organizations in Australia, there is no place that is more attractive for virtual staff than the Philippines. With over one hundred million people, the Philippines is becoming a hotbed of skill for worldwide firms to opt for. There are four important causes why it’s so positive for Australian firms to outsource to the Philippines.

Time Zone

The Philippines is within the equal time zone as Western Australia. When building an offshore crew, time zone is an important element because it’s very tough to integrate any individual into your group, from a cultural and work productivity standpoint.

English Knowledge

The people of the Philippines are well identified for their English knowledge. As a result of the American and western influence, most Filipinos start studying English in schools from an extraordinarily younger age. It’s no longer farfetched to get staff who speaks good English with a very neutral accent.


Most often, work-at-home staff and digital assistants in the Philippines are up to 80% lesser than regional resources. The cost is so low that it has kept hourly rates down.

Expert Labour

Simply given that you’re paying a fraction doesn’t mean you will have to assume a fraction of the productiveness or effectiveness a local employee could furnish. There are around 500,000 new university graduates per year within the Philippines; many who work for worldwide businesses upon completion.

So, what can you utilize a virtual assistant for? Below are the top 10 areas Australian firms are currently employing staff in the Philippines.

1) Bookkeeping and accounts

From $5 per hour, which you can rent a bookkeeper, bills receivable, or bills payable employee from the Philippines. Our candidates will have experience in Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and Australian accounting approaches.

2) Market research

This is predominant to the success of any industry, no matter what measurement. Outsourcing research to a virtual assistant will support you to find objective and central information, analyze the said information, and deliver the results in a clear format. This can help your earnings and your advertising and marketing groups determine new markets and prospective sales leads.

3) Administration

Imagine the manual tasks you and your workforce do each day. There is not any reason you must be doing them yourself when you can get anybody just as good for a fraction of what your time is valued at! Consider about delegating calendar management, scheduling appointments, researching flights and more.

4) Customer and technical support

Outsourcing consumer support is a cost-effective solution, offering flexibility across time shifts and time zones, which can also be helpful for businesses that do not have the equal resources as a huge enterprise. Providing technical and administrative support, and a variety of e-mail, phones, and chat support on demand is principal. Your customer support can be outsourced to a digital assistant with nice communication skills and years of expertise.

5) Graphic Design and Web Development

With remote project management tools and cloud-centered methods, it’s easier than ever to employ technical staff offshore. Consider including web developers, systems admin, or design employees to your local crew.

6) Content writing

Getting the right message to your goal audience is essential and takes time when formulating the correct words in an strong option to acquire conversions. Have some or your entire content written for you – from content and newsletters, to blogs, brochures and presentations – with an skilled writer.

7) Sales Assistance

Managing leads, clients and milestones is imperative to selling however can also be totally time consuming. A virtual assistant will save time by managing new leads and your consumer relationship administration approach, giving you extra time to focus on generating further leads and translating these leads into sales. Hire virtual employees to support your current trade development team maximize their time; with a view to lead to more client meetings and finally income.

8) Data entry

Practically each industry has some form of data entry aspect. It’s common, system driven work that is likely one of the fine duties to outsource to a virtual assistant from the Philippines.

9) Email management

Sorting your emails in the course of the day is a secular and time-consuming venture. A virtual assistant can help to organise, sort, create folders, file, delete spam and control priority mail on a everyday basis.

10 Social Media Management

Hiring a digital assistant to aid with social media  is important. The first-rate approach to utilise them is to aid with postings, responding to comments, and scheduling posts.

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