Choosing Web Hosting Companies the Right Way

Choosing Web Hosting Companies the Right Way

There are so many web hosting companies that are now available in the market, so it is crucial for you to decide in choosing the right one that will boost the positive effects on your website. It is good to research for several companies to evade haphazard decisions.

First, if you are looking for web hosting companies, it is recommended to know what your basic needs are.

Choosing the wrong web hosting can make a fatal blow to your website, because, in terms of security, more than 30, 000 domains are hacked every day. Also, many corporate level companies have already been hacked. There is no absolute defense against hacking, and only good web hosting companies have a protocol to keep your website safe and running.

When your website is down, you can’t generate income and customers can’t enter your shop. To run continuously 24/7 is what websites are designed for. If your website is down then this will not happen.

Security issues and lost income are only the start of your problems. Websites that experience regular downtimes have low rankings on search engines. The longer the downtime, the more your website ranking will fall. Even though you have created such great content, it will still be useless if no one can see it.

The following are the eight tips for you to apply in your hunt for a good web hosting company:

1. Find a web hosting company that you need

You can narrow your searches for a web hosting company if you do understand the needs of your website. You don’t need the features designed for live-streaming if your website can only accommodate a text-based forum.

 If your website has heavy traffic, it is not advisable to use shared servers because these companies are made for small businesses. You can study the best combination for your website and your web hosting providers.

2. In terms of hosting packages, select only the best

Many businesses, to save money, turn to shared hostings. But expect that the cheaper the price, the lower the quality of the services. Slow websites can make the customers go away, because it takes more time to load and it takes more of the customer’s time.

3. Look for reviews 

The reputation and reliability of the company are what matter most when you are trying to select your web hosting provider for your website. Through third party reviews, you can understand the difference between web hosting companies and you can also know if they have consistent problems or constant complaints from their past users up to date. You can learn if they address specific complaints or how they handle their dissatisfied customers

4. The right bandwidth

Most new websites use only a small amount of bandwidth, but for a growing company, it is advisable to reserve more space. You must make sure that your web hosting provider will not trick you for using a specific amount of bandwidths and will not charge extra payments when you will change your plans later on.

5. Price is not the only thing you must think about

Web hosting companies that offer cheap prices may be a good idea if you are new to this industry with a limited budget. But remember, the cheaper the price, the lower the quality of service will be. Choosing web hosting companies that offer lower prices will result in a slower speed and lower security services.

6. Always read and understand the Terms of Service

Reading the terms of service of web hosting companies will help you understand what kind of plans they are offering and whether they have a refund policy.

7. Assess customer support

If you have now a candidate web hosting company for your website, you can now test their customer support system. Learn if you can contact them at any time. Observe their response time, how they handle questions and inquiries. Be sure to dry-run each feature and capability before investing money in them.

8. Learn if they consistently back up your data

Many website owners suffer from data loss. It is not new to back up your data regularly. This is also the same with web hosting companies. See if they regularly back up the data of your domain. In case your website has been hacked or has been compromised, you can use backup data to restore your domain state before the unexpected event.

Your domain is your store in the virtual world. You need a good provider for your business to be a success.

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Written by: Loui James Barrido


Dr. Marie Gabrielle Bedia