Dr. Eddie V. Bedia

Director of Business Development

Dr. Bedia is a physician and a seasoned businessman with many years of experience in retail, distribution, pharma, petrochemicals, automotive sales and agricultural businesses. He serves as a business consultant and a gasoline station dealer for 4 gasoline stations in Western Visayas  under SEAOIL Philippines. He also owns a commercial vehicle-selling business. He is the owner of GEB Business Management and Consultancy Services and provides business advice and provides direction to the company in accordance with its business goals. He graduated his Bachelor of Science in Biology at University of San Agustin, Iloilo City, Philippines, his Doctor of Medicine degree at Iloilo Doctors College of Medicine in Iloilo, Philippines and his post-graduate internship at Iloilo Doctors Hospital. In his free time he does professional shooting and is a car/vehicle geek.