Ecommerce: Trending Online Businesses To Start In 2020


There is no perfect time in putting a business online as long as you have technologies and the internet. You can have your online business while having a regular job, it is called an Ecommerce

It sounds amazing! Putting up your online business is like having an extra job and income. You can also convert your hobby into your business by making it your sideline. We’ll talk more about ecommerce in this article. 

What Is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is an act of selling and buying any products over the internet. It can be business to business or business to consumer. 

In fact, there are different ecommerce businesses today. Small businesses are gaining more profits now. 

How about you? When will you start your ecommerce? If you don’t have any ideas about what you are going to build go deeper into this article. 

Have you ever thought of what are the trending businesses to start? Then let’s get into this topic. 

Trending Online Businesses

  1. Consultant  

Do you believe that each one of us is good at something that we can impart to someone? 

The answer is, “yes” we possess something good, it’s either knowledge or skills. What’s good about it is that we can pass it to other people by being a consultant. Being a consultant you can help and teach others. 

If you possess a skill in designing or graphics, you can approach a business and offer them criticisms of a user interface for their business or website. Don’t let your humbleness hinder your success. The skills you are keeping now won’t grow or improve if you will keep it. Let others see and experience the skill that you’ve got. 

  1. Sell Artistic Things On Etsy

Despite the technologies that we have, those artistic people are shy to showcase the talents and skills that they have. However, there is one site that sells artistic and crafted stuff which is Etsy. 

Etsy is a marketplace online wherein you can view, buy, and sell hand-built things and products. For people who know how to craft, shape, mold, sew, knit, and paint, this site is perfect for them. With Etsy, you can see the different artistic designs from various people. 

You’re an artistic person? Try this ecommerce now. 

  1. Dropshipping Business

This kind of ecommerce business requires a lot of investment. Aside from creating your website and keeping your products listing, you also need to store, buy, and ship the products that you are selling. 

This kind of business is a little different from the rest, with dropshipping there is a third-part wholesaler that takes responsibility for your products. Through this, it helps you save your time, resources, and most especially your money. 

  1. Freelancer

Since technology and the internet plays a big role in today’s generation, a big part of the workforce today consists of freelancers. 

Freelancing is the kind of work wherein you can comfortably work in your home while earning. If you have talent and skills in writing, coding, online marketing, or even web design you can freelance in companies and businesses that cater to this kind of skill.

  1. Buy And Sell Domain Names

If you are looking for bigger cash to earn, this buy and sell domain names is what you are looking for. You will find it fun and interesting, it’s just like you are selling real estate. In this ecommerce, you will have to buy the domain name at a low price and sell at a higher price. 


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