Eternus Global Celebrates the WordPress 15th Anniversary

Eternus Global Celebrates the WordPress 15th Anniversary

Mabuhay WordPress! We, at Eternus Global, celebrated the WordPress 15th Anniversary.

Starting out as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved as a CMS framework that has powered millions of websites. This open source software is trusted, used and loved by its community.

Every WordPress user, developer, and designer should be credited for this awesome 15-year journey.

Slow and Steady Growth

With thousands of plugins and themes, WordPress is one of the leading Open Source softwares today. Every release is well-planned, tested and documented.

Support coming from its community has helped in accelerating the growth of WordPress to a great extent.

Unlimited Options

A discussion forum, a learning management system or an ecommerce store?  Whatever type of features you want, you name it and WordPress has it.

Many of the themes and plugins have a free version that can be further customized or can be upgraded to the premium version with more features.

Active Communities

Try searching for your city and WordPress on the internet, and you will find lot of people who have used or have built websites with it.

You can join your local communities and be informed of the latest developments. Word Camps are official WordPress meetups that educate and empower communities near you.

WordPress and Eternus Global

Eternus family is a proud member of the WordPress community that supports it in all possible ways. We are grateful to all theme and plugin developers, support superstars, and users who are the building blocks of this magnificent tribe on the internet.

We are one of the top-rated web development companies in the Philippines who extend plugins, beta-test new releases and recommend WordPress to our clients.

We are happy to have participated and celebrated the 15th anniversary with our local WordPress group in a grand party.

WordPress 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Thanks to Karl and WordPress Iloilo for the wonderful pictures.

Just like others, we are also eagerly waiting to use WordPress 5.0!