Contracting with consultants and eCommerce agency for research and development information in the pharmaceutical industry at a reduced cost is known as pharma knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). Outsourcing frequently takes place in a foreign country, where trained professionals perform research and construct databases that pharmaceutical firms use to market drugs or develop new medicines. Pharma KPO can also include legal analysis, patents, information technology, clinical trials, and brand studies for pharmaceutical companies.

Outsourcing these services may help drug companies save money by lowering their operational costs. In countries where the average wage is lower, pharma KPO usually means salary savings. It may also help to alleviate the scarcity of trained and professional researchers in the country where the pharmaceutical company is headquartered. The research needed by drug makers is usually carried out by teams of biologists, chemists, and information technology experts.

Eternus Global eCommerce Agency and Pharma KPO

Pharma KPO could be able to provide an eCommerce agency with information to help them reduce costs while developing new drugs by using industry statistics. By studying how people purchase, databases might be able to expose customer purchasing preferences and suggest ways to cross-sell additional items. Pharma KPO software is tailored to the pharmaceutical industry.

Outsourcing companies are often hired to analyze a pharmaceutical company’s market share and that of its rivals. A KPO consultant might use special software to investigate drug market patterns in order to assist the client in increasing sales. The data may be used to create action plans or decide if further research is required.

Pharma KPO may be divided into different geographical areas or different types of medicines. This may aid a pharmaceutical company in identifying target markets for such drugs. It may also indicate a need for further ads in a specific segment of the population or area. Other common services sought via pharma KPO include brand awareness in each area and the particular drugs doctors prefer to prescribe.

A drug company could outsource the task of creating databases in specific areas in research and development. These may involve the opportunity to study a specific illness or emerging medical breakthroughs. A drug company could use data mining to gain access to new patent knowledge in order to remain ahead of the competition.

Another service offered by pharma KPO is text mining programs. Companies will be able to use keywords to retrieve detailed clinical research knowledge, such as chemical and biological developments in medicine, using custom search engines. They usually give people online access to published studies and scientific literature.

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Eternus Global Pharma KPO Is The Answer.

Clinical Trials

You have a good pharmaceutical product, but you want to test its safety and efficacy. Eternus Global is ready to assist you in every step of the way from concept to marketing.

Stage 1


You already have an idea but you don’t know how to start. Eternus Global offers medical research services that gather all relevant studies and clinical trial reports that are relevant to your area of interest. We offer evidence-based data which can help predict your compound’s safety and efficacy as well as its market potential and licensing requirements. We also offer regulatory and importation/exportation consulting.

Stage 2

Animal Studies

Does your investigational product lack animal studies? We can find an animal research center for you and assist you in compiling evidence in terms of safety and efficacy of your product.

Stage 3

Human Studies

Now that you have proven that your product is safe and effective in animals, the next step is to test it among humans. Phase I involves studying pharmacokinetics particularly oral bioavailability and half-life of the drug. It also tests the drug in healthy individuals for dose ranging. Eternus Global can help you design Phase I clinical trials and write protocols and study reports.

After this, the drug undergoes Phase II testing, which involves testing of the drug on patients to assess efficacy and safety. Phase III involves testing of the drug on a group of patients (1000-2000) with the target disease to assess efficacy, effectiveness and safety. Again, Eternus Global can help you in the research design, planning and writing protocols and study reports, as well as statistical analysis.

Stage 4


As an eCommerce agency, we can assist you in marketing and advertising your products. We can do market analysis, segmentation and targeting offline and online. We can also write marketing copy for your products.

After your drug is approved, it should undergo post-marketing surveillance. We can assist you in compiling adverse events and in performing further research.