First ReactJs Web Developer Workshop in Iloilo, Philippines Scheduled on November 9, 2019

For those who are interested in web development or want to gain expertise in ReactJs, a high-paying skill in web development, Eternus Global will be holding the first, one-day workshop on ReactJs in Iloilo on November 9, 2019. The said workshop entitled, “React and Beyond Seminar”, will be held at the GBTI building at Western Visayas State University, Luna Street, La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines. It will start at 10 AM and aims to train future web developers on ReactJs, WordPress API, and Netlify.

ReactJs  is an efficient declarative of JavaScript library or JavaScript framework created by Facebook’s engineer Jordan Walke.

WordPress API is an application programming interface and can be separated into many API sections.

Netlify is a company based in San Francisco that offers hosting and serverless backend services for static websites.

They also announced that their hosted seminar includes the following:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of React.Js
  • Creating real-world applications
  • Deploying the application and entering the test phase
  • Q&A sessions with many more examples
  • Exercises to practice and master React.Js

Tickets are now available for 600 Php throgh EventBrite at

There are early bird tickets for 400 Php and free admission for the first 10 students or fresh graduates who can attend the seminar. All tickets include snacks and lunch.

On the said upcoming seminar, Dorell James, a full-stack developer from ReactCebu, together with his team, will train new developers as well as seasoned developers after training several developers in Cebu.

Dorell James, who started freelancing in web development and programming way back in 2010, became a software engineer in 2012 at NCR Cebu Development Center, INC.

“Since I’m from India, we also found out that many Filipinos lack training with regards to computer science and information technology. So far, I’ve been here in the Philippines for the past 8 months. I noticed that Filipinos are fun-loving people and they are happy to work with, that’s why I chose to be here in the Philippines and it’s good to be here in the Philippines.” As said by Lax Mariappan, Co-Founder/ CEO at Eternus Global Co.

Eternus Global Corporation is an internet marketing company that supports the business growth of individuals and companies around the world. Get in touch with Eternus Global Co. by visiting their website or their Facebook page

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