Courier and Freight Companies

22 Courier and Freight Companies

Your Target Customers

Your target customers are the general public who would often send and receive goods from business and other people. You may also tie up with retail and distribution businesses for goods delivery and logistics. Majority of these potential customers are located within the vicinity of your office, so you have to establish locally with them

How to Reach Them

This is a local business so you should list your business in online business directories and in Google My Business. However, since your services may include pickup and delivery, you have to expose yourself to the general public as much as possible. Aside from local marketing, you will need a website which not only highlights your services but also has advanced functionalities.

What We Offer

We offer an informative and user friendly website that highlights your services. We may also install a chat box where your customers can inquire. We can create certain webpages with some functionality. First we can have a booking webpage for deliveries which need to be picked up. We will also install a cost calculator where customers can input weight and type of packages and it will give them the estimated freight charge. We can also have a webpage where customers can track their orders using the number they have on their invoices. Your pickup clients can also pay through the website using Paypal and credit cards.

Our websites are SEO optimized which have online marketing features such as email marketing and a blog.

Aside from building a business website for you, we will add advanced functionalities on it so that you can handle staff attendance, HR functions and inventory management. Yes IT IS POSSIBLE with just one website!

We can create an employee portal for your staff where they can log in and log out from work and then it will automatically calculate the hours they spent on work and can even calculate their wages. This is very important in deployment of delivery staff since it is hard to track all of them!

We know better the right technology solution for you, so contact us now.

Contact us now! Our website packages start at $20 only.