Educational Institutions and Tutorial Services

17 Education and Tutorial Industries

Your Target Customers

Your target customers are students, as well as their parents. If your institution offers preschool, primary and secondary school education and tutorials for these students, you should reach out to parents. These parents want the best education for their children with affordable fees. Plus, these parents prefer location. They want schools that are either near their homes or workplace.

If you offer college and post graduate education, your target customers are students who want high quality yet affordable education. It would also be beneficial to them if you offer career assistance services and distance education courses.

How to Reach Them

Since schools are location-based services, you should market yourself locally through listing yourself in local business directories online or in Google My Business. However, you also need to market yourself in social media and post in forums where parents and students frequent. A website is very important in so many ways: it provides information about your school and can provide functionalities for you.

What We Offer

We offer you an informative website that is packed with academic information about your courses, your teaching staff qualifications and your enrolment procedures. We can add much functionality to your website. We can add an enrolment booking system where students can book online if they want to enrol. We can also add a portal where students can requests transcripts and documents, as well as a web page where they can even pay tuition fees and other fees.

If you want to have distance education, we can integrate an online learning system portal on your website.

We can also do email marketing, SEO and social media management to expose your institution to prospective enrolees.

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