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Your Target Customers

Your target customers are those people who are so conscious about their health. They want to achieve that perfect body through hard work and exercise. Some of your clients are athletes training for sports competitions. Others want to lose weight because they are at high risk to certain illnesses.

How to Reach Them

You can reach these customers through local marketing in Google My Business and listing in online directories. They can be reached in online bodybuilder and weight loss forums and in social media. You can reach your target market through social media (Facebook, Twitter), online forum posting, and an informative website that can provide them with exercise tips and nutritional tips. Your website should serve as a health coach to your customers.

What We Offer

We offer you an informative website that is packed with exercise, weight loss and nutritional tips. Your website should include testimonials from your loyal customers and how they achieved success.

We can also create a virtual health coach chatbox in the website. We can create a webpage for you with a fitness tracker in your website that can be viewed both in all platforms—desktop, tablet, mobile (android, iOS). That fitness tracker should include calculations for body mass index and caloric requirements. We can make a mobile app if you want us to.

We can also create an appointment scheduler for you, an online health store selling weight loss and muscle building supplements and a billing and invoicing web page. We can also do blog posting, forum posting, website commenting and email marketing to your patients. We can also place a blog in your website.

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