Insurance Companies

23 Insurance Companies

Your Target Customers

Your target customers are working people and companies in needing of insurance for their businesses and their employees. These people need health, personal and asset insurances to protect them from accidents and other untoward incidents.

How to Reach Them

You can reach these people through social media, online forums about money and business and through online directory listings. Having a good website where people can interact with you and learn about your importance is essential.

What We Offer

We offer an informative and user friendly website that highlights your services. We may also install a chat box where your customers can inquire. We can create certain webpages with some functionality.

For health insurance, we can have a webpage where doctors and clinic staff can log in the card number of the patient and details like diagnosis and treatment given. It will save time and labor costs. It also eliminates errors during phone conversations between call center agents and clinic staff because the clinic staff may mean something but mispronounce it and is interpreted differently by the call center agent.

We can also have a booking webpage for insurance claims that will give each claim a tracking number and tell them what to do. This tracking number is what they will use to follow up their reimbursements and requests.

Our websites are SEO optimized which have online marketing features such as email marketing and a blog.

Aside from building a business website for you, we will add advanced functionalities on it so that you can handle staff attendance, HR functions and inventory management. Yes IT IS POSSIBLE with just one website!

We can create an employee portal for your staff where they can log in and log out from work and then it will automatically calculate the hours they spent on work and can even calculate their wages. This is very important in deployment of staff since it is hard to track all of them!

We know better the right technology solution for you, so contact us now.