Massage and Wellness Clinics

6 Massage and Wellness Clinics

Your Target Customers

Your target customers are those people who are in constant pain or stress. They want to experience soothing relief and comfort from massage, spa techniques and other wellness remedies. Some of them have long term illnesses and have tried conventional medicines or who have been treated at hospitals and medical centers for long term conditions but who were not cured. They did not experience relief from modern medicine, that’s why they seek calming and soothing services.

How to Reach Them

Your target market can be reached in online forums and social media. People like to post their problems or issues online to vent out their pain and health issues to other people. To reach your target market, you should inform them of your services. You can reach your target market through social media (Facebook, Twitter), online forum posting, and an informative website that can provide them with answers to their health questions.

Having a soothing and calm atmosphere in your place can also encourage repeat customers.  You can also form partnerships with drugstores, groceries, laboratories and other health businesses. Be open for home service option.

What We Offer

We offer you an informative website that is packed with medical information about massage, aromatherapy and their healing properties and benefits. We can also create an appointment scheduler for you (walk-in customers and home service), an online health store selling massage oils and scents and a billing and invoicing web page. We can also do blog posting, forum posting, website commenting and email marketing to your patients. We can also place a blog in your website.

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