Print Media Services

13 Print Media Companies

These are print media businesses such as magazines and newspapers.

Your Target Customers

Your target customers are readers from the general public who like to read the latest news on almost everything—national, international, business, sports, celebrity and lifestyle. Print media businesses used to be profitable businesses—before websites were created, and then some people stopped buying newspapers and magazines because they could access content without paying anything.

However, print media business can still be profitable even in this internet age. If you want to know more how, contact us and we will show you our strategy.

How to Reach Them

One tip is to build a website which also features your news and other content. But you should not offer all your content for free but reserve the juiciest parts as paid upgrades. This needs aggressive internet marketing on your part, and we are the right persons to do this.

Or, you can make readers access content for free but host some paid advertisements.

What We Offer

We offer you an online newspaper or magazine website packed with information, attractive layout, responsive web design (this means you can read it in mobile, tablets or desktops), a blog, advertising space for your sponsors, and a secure and safe payment channel that accepts PayPal and credit card payments for paid content. We will do aggressive SEO and social media marketing for you.

Contact us now! Our website packages start at $20 only.