Retail Businesses

11 Retail Businesses


Your Target Customers

Retail involves various merchandise, so your target customers depend on the products you are selling. But generally, retail businesses are location based. This means that your reach comprise mostly the people who are within the vicinity of your store location. These people want affordable yet quality items for their needs. However, this is changing now with internet technology. We shall proceed to explain more about this.

How to Reach Them

The problem with physical stores is that their reach is limited only to the people who are physically present within the vicinity of the store location. However, technology has made available many solutions to sell online, one of which is through ecommerce. With ecommerce, you can reach a wider audience not only locally but also internationally and you can set up shop even in the comfort of your home. Ecommerce enables payment of goods through credit card, Paypal and other online payment gateways.

What We Offer

We can create a website with you with a space for ecommerce. Your online store will have a credit card payment gateway and online marketing features such as email marketing, a blog, featured products list—all with responsive and attractive web design and SEO.

Aside from building a business website for you, we will add advanced functionalities on it so that you can handle staff functions, orders, billing, payments, marketing and inventory management. Yes IT IS POSSIBLE with just one website!

We can create an employee portal for your staff where they can log in and log out from work and then it will automatically calculate the hours they spent on work and can even calculate their wages.

We can add an ordering portal for your customers where they can book orders, choose prices, ask for discounts and coupons and even interact with staff. It can also send a billing statement with a credit card payment button, or they can pay while logging in to your portal.

We can add an inventory management portal for staff that will enable them to receive orders, track products, send invoices, prepare for transport and view inventory items, quantity, expiry dates, manufacturing dates, manufacturer list, supplier list and prices. They can order stocks from your suppliers using that portal and generate a near-expiry list or an expiry list that they can separate or move out of the shelves. This system can even be attached to a barcode scanner or a cash register.

We know better the right technology solution for you, so contact us now.