Google to Boost Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Later This May 2016

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Google introduced on their Webmaster blog that they are going to boost their mobile-friendly algorithm.

They have launched the said algorithm on April 21, 2015.

Google stated that the update will happen “starting in May 2016,” and that it “increases the effect of the mobile-friendly rating signal.” The company mentioned that if you are already mobile friendly, you must not worry, due to the fact that “you’ll no longer be impacted by this update.”

When this update happens, it is going to roll out gradually, so you wouldn’t see a prominent drop-off on non-mobile friendly internet sites when the algorithm is pushed out. This sounds like the gradual Panda 4.2 rollout, but it’s uncertain if the rollout will take weeks or months. Google simply stated it would “start rolling out” the said update starting May 2016.

Mobile Update

This mobile-friendly algorithm is a signal that is page-by-page l, so it may as well take time for Google to verify every web page, and this may be why it is going to be a gradual rollout. Also, depending on how fast Google crawls and indexes the pages on your website, the impact may also be sluggish to show up.

It is believed that this rollout can have an effect which is much less than the original mobile-friendly update, which was once referred to as “Mobilegeddon.” The customary Mobilegeddon was supposed to have an important effect on the mobile outcomes; however only a few people stated it had that much effect.

If you are still mobile-friendly, or if you wish to make certain you are, check out the Google mobile friendly-tool here, and read Google’s mobile guidelines.

Google Mobile Recommendations

The Google mobile guidelines has reasoned out their move to prioritize mobile friendly websites “Today, everyone has smartphones with them, constantly communicating and looking for information. In many countries, the number of smartphones has surpassed the number of personal computers; having a mobile-friendly website has become a critical part of having an online presence.”

They recommend hiring a web developer who will transform your site into a mobile friendly one. Google’s recommendation on hiring web developers can be found here. Google recommends a web developer that has experience in responsive web design. You should also look for a developer who understands the needs of the mobile customer, who can speed up your web pages, who can install web analytics and who is fully aware of Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Eternus Global makes a commitment to its customers in building mobile-friendly websites that can be viewed attractively in all mobile devices. We also follow Google Webmaster guidelines on SEO techniques to make your web page rank higher on search engine results. We install Google Analytics code into your pages so that you can view your webpage rankings on your mobile device and see the results that you want.


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