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Whether you’re onboarding a new salesperson or helping current personnel advance their skills, sales training is an important part of developing a successful sales program in a digital marketing agency.

Sales teams that complete highly rated sales training have a 10% higher win rate and are 10% more likely to meet quota, according to studies.

When selecting what’s best for your staff, regardless of the sales training program your organization employs in your digital marketing company, keep one thing in mind: inclusivity.

Michelle Benfer, Mintis Hankerson, and Elle Fanning are three HubSpot Sales leaders who have pushed inclusion among their teams to help me better grasp what an inclusive sales training course looks like. In the following section, they offer advice on how to improve sales training inclusion.

Before we get started, let’s define inclusiveness from the standpoint of sales.

What Does It Mean To Sell Inclusively?

The practice of taking into account the identification and preferences of people who might otherwise be excluded, stigmatized, or ignored is known as social inclusion in your digital marketing company. This can encompass demographic identities like ethnicity, age, and sexuality, as well as personal characteristics, learning styles, and motivations, to name a few.

When it comes to sales training, one way to accomplish this is to get to know your team members on a personal level; by doing so, you’ll be able to make individual representatives feel as if you’re speaking to them one-on-one, even in a group setting.

“When communicating with my team or attempting to have an inclusion relationship with the individuals I supervise, one of the transitions I’ve made is making sure I don’t isolate someone by using references that only speak to a specific group,” Benfer explained. (Benfer also contributed to a HubSpot blog post on how to make your sales floor more welcoming.)

She advises salespeople in a digital marketing company to get to know their coworkers and learn about their backgrounds. When it comes to her own team, Benfer avoids analogies that speak solely to the interests of a certain group (such as sports, which is typically referenced in traditional sales environments). Rather, she seeks to determine what people’s passions are.

How To Increase The Number Of People Who Attend Your Sales Training

As you can see, all demographic differences in a digital marketing company should be taken into account while promoting inclusion in your sales force and sales training in your marketing agency. Let’s take a look at some of our sales experts’ suggestions for comprehensive sales training.

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1. Recognize Your Sales Team’s Learning Styles.

The goal of sales training in a marketing agency in a digital marketing company is to educate and empower your sales team. If they can’t absorb or apply the sales training information, it’s not high on their — or your — priority list. How can you ensure that your marketing department is valuable? Recognize your team’s preferred method of education.

Hankerson proposes that you “ask everyone else about their favorite learning approaches.” “I’d really like to compile data on the various ways we learn and how we may change our education and training to account for the fact that some approaches are more productive and profitable than others.”

One method in particular, according to Hankerson, should be avoided. PowerPoint. “I would make certain that your learning does not consist solely of PowerPoint,” writes the author, “since that would prevent things from sinking in.” This isn’t meant to be a criticism of PowerPoint; rather, it’s meant to serve as a reminder that your marketing department in your marketing agency shouldn’t be limited to endless slides, extended lectures, and — essentially — hours of people.

Hankerson told me about a seller on her team in a marketing agency who had this issue: the salesperson preferred to learn by reading and doing rather than listening. Because she couldn’t inform the reps that they didn’t have to attend the training because it was compulsory, she encouraged them to do written assignments afterward to help with comprehension and implementation.

Understanding how your salespeople learn allows you to focus on how they can apply what they’ve learned rather than just teaching for the sake of training. Additionally, you may be able to save your team’s time and effort (and yourself).

Finally, Hankerson claims that completely inclusive training in a marketing agency in a digital marketing company allows salespeople to apply what they’ve learned. After they’ve been trained, she wants them to put what they’ve learned to the test and bring back examples of what works. She then collects comments on her team’s performance as well as ways to improve the training procedure.

“This helps me think about what I’m having to train and how I can properly reinforce it,” she explained.

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2. Your Sales Team Members Should Be Included.

It’s crucial to not just comprehend how your sales team learns, but also to include them in wider planning and inclusion discussions in your marketing agency. After all, these are the people who will be receiving instruction.

“Being inclusive from a vacuum is challenging,” Fencing said, “therefore it’s critical to include others in the brainstorming and design process to check for your own biases.”

When asked about her tactics and approaches for incorporating inclusiveness into her teaching, Benfer responded, “I feel it’s providing everyone an opportunity to present an example of what makes them great.”

As part of her onboarding procedure for new recruits in a digital marketing company, she holds a welcoming session with an icebreaker. What’s the most recent prompt they’ve issued? Define yourself in eighth grade. Benfer explained, “We ask individuals to tell us about their hobbies, the music they listen to, and the clothes they wear.” “One of the things you find is that some folks who look to be the same have entirely different histories, whether it’s where they came from spatially, what their interests were, and who they were with before vs who they’ve become,” she says.

Support ships, especially non-work-related ones, are great conversation starters when it comes to engaging with the team and assisting them in interacting with one another.

Another way to engage your employees is to conduct a survey. Pose questions like:

This is a way for management of a marketing agency in a digital marketing company to learn how their staff want to be rewarded, recognized, and motivated – all important facets of selling that go beyond how salespeople learn.

“We work hard to understand them and make certain we interact and communicate with them in the way they prefer,” Benfer added. “We don’t always get it perfectly, but I believe that one way we try to be inclusive is to inquire how each individual prefers to work.”

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3. Focus On Skills That Aren’t Related To Sales.

Identifying needs, communicating value, haggling, and presenting are just a few of the various sales skills that can be beneficial in a digital marketing company. There are, however, a number of additional skills that are equally important.

“Teach the team about unconscious prejudices and conduct exercises that allow everyone to get new empathy and understanding for someone who isn’t like them,” Fencing said.

“We work hard to understand where prejudices exist in our daily lives and how we can be aware of them and try to lessen such biases,” says Benfer of her team’s bias training. This encompasses racial and gender biases, as well as previous employers and educational backgrounds.

4. Consider Creating Your Own Marketing Training Program.

Thousands of exceptional and successful sales training in a marketing agency products are available on the market. These programs, on the other hand, were not designed with your group in mind. You can build your own sales training course from the ground up, using a number of perspectives.

With a custom-built training program in a digital marketing company or in-house sales trainer in a marketing agency, you may not only study how your employees learn, but you can also include photographs, sketches, and pictures of a variety of people. “This conveys to all types of participants that the content is relevant to them,” Fencing said.

“Think about the cultural, language, or geographical nuances that influence capability and how you might assist these people along the path,” Fencing said. “Also, plan ahead of time to incorporate these nuanced experiences into the training itself, highlighting and celebrating these differences so that the team can see and replicate this inclusive model in their own practices.”

The effectiveness of a marketing function in a marketing agency of a digital marketing company is determined by the people who attend, and they can only learn as much as is specifically tailored to them. Use the best practices described in this article to make your sales training in your marketing agency more comprehensive and to help your salespeople be as effective as possible.
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