How to Market Your Medical Practice on Facebook

Facebook Marketing

If you are looking for ways on how to market your medical practice on Facebook, then this article is for you. Today, through the use of social media, brands and businesses have been reaching their targeted customers and generating more sales. But this is not limited to brands and companies. Several professionals from different fields of works also use social media platforms, especially Facebook, to advertise their skills and gather clients. If you are a physician, dentist, veterinarian, chiropractor, midwife or a medical professional, you, too, can market your practice. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy individual. Here is how you start marketing your medical practice on Facebook.

Creating a Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is the place where you should post more about your medical practice and the services you are offering. Don’t use your personal Facebook account. It is called personal for a reason, and it is viewed as unprofessional to use your account.

Business Name and Logo

When creating a Facebook page, you must have a business name and photos to be used as a profile picture and cover photo. If you don’t have a business name and logo yet, here are some tips that you can follow:

If you don’t have a business name, you should create one that is easy to remember. You don’t want to give your customers a hard time finding your Facebook page just because the name is hard to remember. You can start by including in the title the kind of medical practice you are offering (e.g., dental clinic, pediatric clinic). By doing so, you are increasing the chances that your page will pop-up on the search engines when a person is using the Facebook search bar to look for a specific medical practice.

You may also include in the name the location of your clinic to increase your searchability. But still, don’t overdo it, keep it simple and make it unique. You can simply just put your name on it like what some medical professionals do, which is then followed by the category of their practice.

If you don’t have a business logo, you may start by using photos of your clinic, your staff, or any photos that represent your practice. You need to make your page attractive so that your potential patients will have an excellent first impression of your medical practice.

Take note that you should check first the dimensions of photos Facebook requires so that your photos will be uploaded with the right size. Again, you don’t have to be an expert in photo editing. Just good quality photos will do.

Other Information

The next steps in creating a Facebook page involve filling out information fields. This includes:

  • Category of practice
  • What your page is about
  • The website link (if any)
  • Location
  • Contact number
  • E-mail address
  • Operating hours

Don’t leave any gaps. The more information you place, the more it will attract your potential patients. If you are unsure of what to type on your About section, you may start by describing the services you provide, the year when you started, and the awards and recognitions you or your clinic received, if there are any.

You will also be asked about your preferred audience. This is the time when you can list the demographics of your targeted audience that are likely to become your potential patients.

Now that you have finished setting up your Facebook page, the next thing you have to do is to plan about the content that you will post on your page.

Creating Content

Here are some tips on how to create engaging content when creating and promoting a medical page.

Advertising Your Background Profile

Before you start to engage and promote your page to your patients, make sure to create original content that will advertise your clinic and services. This is where you can introduce your medical background or expertise, your accomplishments, certifications, recognitions, where you are currently working, and how you treat your past patients. You can also add a photo of you with your white coat and stethoscope on or anything that represents your medical practice. Through this content, you will be able to attract or gain trust from patients.

Advertising Your Workplace

Once you start promoting and introducing yourself, surely, some new patients will acknowledge it. In turn, they will start to ask where your workplace is or how they will be able to find you. You start making content where you can advertise your workplace. Give them some history about your practice, your available services, your available equipment, how your staff attends to patients, and, most importantly, your location, contact number, and e-mail address. Upload this content with some photos of your clinic.

Share Encouraging Words

As a medical worker, there are times when you will observe your patients to be feeling down because of their illnesses. To be able to uplift their mood, better start sharing encouraging words, thoughts and praises for them. Through this, you are not only encouraging your patients but also your potential clients.

Share Health Information

Sharing health information through infographics will attract your patients and audiences more. Your infographics must contain words that should easily be understood by your audience. As much as possible, avoid using too much medical terminology that will confuse them and make them skip your post. If you don’t have time to create your content, you may share posts from the Facebook pages of prominent organizations such as hospitals, magazines, government agencies, and others.

Share Health and Wellness Tips

The most accessible content in blogging or shared posts are tips or guides. Since you are in the medical field, you should create health and wellness tips for your audience. You can also create some guides on how they can avoid certain illnesses and other tips about health-related topics.

Share Health News

Nowadays, people want to read more about health news, especially if there are newly discovered illnesses or diseases. So, you should share some health news on your page, since your audience will expect this from you. Through this, you will be able to update your viewers about fresh health news.

Share Medical Information

If you have medicines in your clinic that you regularly prescribe to your patients, you may want to write content about them. Through this, you can enlighten them about the uses and advantages of this medicine and if there are side-effects.

Share Seasonal Medical Services Promos

People are often attracted when they read or hear the word “Promo.” So, if your clinic has promos, better share them with your followers. Your content should include requirements on how they will be able to avail of your promo and its duration.

Share Your Health-Related Activities

When you are attending or doing health-related activities, share it with your patients. Share with them what you have learned, how the action flows, or how things went. Make sure to add some photos of the event. This will help you establish open communication with your followers.


Make announcements or update your followers, especially your regular patients, if you are not available for appointments with them. You can also remind your patients about seasonal medical services such as vaccinations and screenings. If you and your staff also have some activities like voluntary medical missions, you can also post about them, along with the details about your activity.

Avoid Posting Content That Gives Negative Impressions

You should be careful and be responsible for what you post online. You are a professional, and people will surely trust you. Avoid posting or sharing content that may turn out to be fake. Instead, you should only post verified and truthful facts and source them from trusted sources only.

Reaching your Targeted Audience

After reading the tips above on how you can create your Facebook content, you may now start reaching your desired audience for them to view your page.

Invite People Close To You to Like Your Page

To start, you can invite people who you think will like your page. This may include your family, colleagues, current patients, friends, former classmates, and neighbors. Garnering many likes on your page makes it appealing to the masses.

When a person likes your page, they will see your content on their news feed. And if it is attractive to them, they might share it with their Facebook friends, which in turn, may pay a visit to your page. The number of page likes indicates how many people are interested in your service.

You may think that the more likes a page has, the more popular it is. While it is true, data also shows that page likes are a showcase of a page’s trustworthiness.

Inviting Other People to Like

Let’s face it; even if you make engaging content, it is hard to promote a Facebook page. But don’t worry, there are still things that you can do to market your medical practice on Facebook.

You can join Facebook groups that are centered on medical practices. Also, you can share your Facebook page posts on the group so that many people can view your content.

If your clinic has promotional materials like brochures and banners, you can include your Facebook page URL in them.

Meanwhile, if you have some cash to spend, you may consider Facebook advertising which will be tackled later on in this article.

Interacting With Your Audience

Now that you know how to reach your targeted audience, it is now time to understand how you will interact with them. First, you have to be responsive, especially when you are still starting. Some may comment on your posted content while others will directly message you. You can have some of your staff to handle such queries, especially those that belong to the frequently asked questions. In this way, you can prevent missing any queries.

Next, you and your staff should be friendly when talking to your targeted audience. Interact with them in a friendly manner but on a professional level. You want your followers to be your potential patients. Build a good impression and welcome their questions.

Facebook Advertising

Even if you are having queries and already have new patients, it is still wise to invest in advertising to reach more people. This will level up your marketing strategy. You can easily reach your targeted audience based on their demographic information such as gender, age, and location. Furthermore, you can try this by boosting your posted content so that it reaches more of your targeted audience.

You could also try a paid Facebook Like campaign. This is a proven strategy that can get more people to like your page. This involves creating a simple ad that says what your page has to offer and what the users will get by liking it. It simplifies the way you garner likes. Instead of people visiting your Facebook page to hit the like button, there is a like button embedded on the Facebook ad that will be shown to your targeted audience. This increases your chances of getting more likes.

You can easily avail of Facebook advertising services just by using your debit or credit card. If you don’t have the time to place an ad, you can find a medical digital marketing agency like Eternus Global.


It is easy to set-up a Facebook page to market your medical practice. Let’s have a recap. First, you have to build your Facebook page successfully. Fill out all the necessary information needed. Next is creating and sharing content that advertises your services and is related to your medical practice. When you already have a Facebook page and have already planned out your content, the next is to invite people who will like and follow your page.  And lastly, interact with your targeted audience. Follow these tips and strategies, and you will surely reach your targeted audience and have patients visiting your clinic soon, either online or offline. If you are looking for an agency who can help you with medical and pharmaceutical digital marketing and promotions, you can contact us at our website



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