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For Drugstores, Pharma distributors and Health Shops

 Your Target Customers

Your target customers are patients from doctor clinics and hospitals who have prescriptions for medicines. Most of these customers belong to the older population (60 years old and above). The rest of your customers are those who are conscious about health and physical functioning so that they seek vitamins, minerals and health supplements that can make them look good and feel good.

How to Reach Them

You can reach your target customers by maintaining a strong presence both in the community (local) and online. Most customers want affordable yet effective medicines and supplements. Plus, they want an almost complete pharmacy where they can also buy last-minute travelling items such as toothbrushes, lotions, cosmetics and other personal care products. These customers are also impatient and hate waiting for long periods of time, since most of them belong to the older population (60 years old and above).

These people also like to know health-related information as to their illnesses, the medicines they are taking and some tips on how to prevent diseases.

You can also tie up with doctors and other health professionals.

What We Offer

We offer you an informative website that is packed with medical information about diseases, treatments and preventive methods. We can start a home delivery service for you by creating an online store with credit card payment integration and home delivery booking, a billing and invoicing web page or a virtual pharmacist consultation service through chat. We can also do email marketing to your patients featuring your latest promos and discounts. We can also place a blog in your website and promote your drugstore on social media.

Contact us now! Our website packages start at $20 only.