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Increase Your Site Ranking With Blogging

Increasing your site ranking with blogs is one of the common ways of increasing your site ranking. It is also one way of how people see your site. You need to optimize your blog for increasing invisibility, but that’s not all.

There are many strategies you can do for increasing your blog post, not just SEO only. Nowadays, inserting many keywords as you can in your blog article can backlash. And some strategies that don’t work on the past might be the trend today.

Understanding search engines algorithms can enable you to adjust to the game.

So, how can we increase your site ranking with blogs?

Let’s start.

  1. More keywords, more chances?

In the past, that might be a good idea to bombard your blog’s content with keywords as much as you can. But remember, the rule of the game is constantly changing.

Today, it more important that your content is interesting and understandable than putting a lot of confusing string of keywords.

That does mean I don’t need to optimize my blog’s content? No, you also need to put keywords as long as it is relevant to the context of your blog.

Search engines today are continually upgrading their system, now they can differentiate between good, interesting content and spammy and bad quality content.  

  1. Optimize your blog site for mobile phones.

As you know, in today’s time and age, people are using smartphones day in and day out. They spend most of their time using their phones, either for their entertainment or for work.

Mobile phones have taken over the lives of people, so we are going to where the people are.

How to optimize?

  • Your blog site must be simple and easier to use. Your menus, posts, and pages must be simple as it can. Remember, we are using mobile phones.
  • Visiting a blog site for mobile phones is very different on the desktop. You don’t want your content to be too wordy in your phone right? Just give straightforward, simple and understandable content.
  • Your pages might work differently with mobile phones. from your front pages to your sales pages. It might need a different approach compared to using a desktop.
  1. Meta Descriptions, going to the front line

I think you already know about Meta description; it’s like a summary of all your content but located just after your title. It gives the readers a brief idea of your content and lets them know either it is the one they looking for or not.

It is also true with blogs. You should create meta descriptions for your blog so that you can increase your traffic by making people see your post more easily.

And also, it is best if you include keywords in your meta description for optimizing your content.

  1. Update, Update and Update

Outdated blogs that have not been touched for a long time will scare your audiences. Who wants to read on such a shady site?

People will think that the company or owner of the site has gone out of business. That’s a negative effect on your blog.

With our current search engine algorithms, an outdated site will never make it on the top pages. 

Updating your website by creating a blog regularly will give your audience and search engines a hint that you are still on the game.

  1. Blogs Can Entertain

How can you keep people from leaving immediately after clicking on your site?

Yes, load speed may be a great factor. But other than that, if you have an interesting blog to read, people will take their time reading it.

The time people spend on your site will greatly contribute to your ranking factor. 

Creating short content is nice, but, creating such interesting content is terrific.

  1. Too Much Same Topic Tags

Using topic tags can help your readers navigate through your blog. But if you are using similar tags, make sure that you are not overusing them. Or otherwise, you may get a penalty from search engines for the repetition of your content.

  1. Put Links in your Blogs.

Blogs are a great opportunity to put your website links. If you’re making a blog and not putting any external links for your site, then you are doing it the wrong way.

People will read your blog, if it is an interesting one, put related topic links in your blog if it is somehow a relevant context for your main topic. Some readers don’t have prior knowledge and want to learn more if your blog is lacking information.


Optimizing your blog is a nice strategy for increasing your site ranking. But creating great content is more of a boost for your site climb rank faster. Don’t rely on SEO and just believe in yourself.

Written by: Loui James Barrido