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You have the power of making your website or your online marketing strategy work so that they can be more beneficial for you. We can offer digital marketing consultancy for an in-depth analysis of your website or give you some marketing ideas to improve your website. We can do this by employing search engine optimization, design, functionality, content, online marketing, or social media marketing. We specialize in strategy, so you can count on our skills.

What We Do?

After a digital marketing consultancy, we examine which elements you would like us to analyze, we give you a report that contains all our analysis and suggestions, which you can then take with you to use at your own discretion, or employ us to carry out. It’s up to you what you would like to do with it.

After examining the objectives of your website, we can take a close look at its inner functionalities and how viewers behave when they are on the website. We do this by using tools as Google Analytics. We then identify to recognize the opportunities for improvement.

Website Analysis

Web Design Analysis

We are proud of our cutting-edge website design and our knowledge of the latest trends on the web. If you’re looking to change your website design to reflect your brand, we can suggest on what design changes will accomplish this.

Digital Marketing Consultancy’s Content

Your website content can build a big distinction as to how you communicate your selling points and how well you position in search engines. Our writers, proofreaders and marketing staff will suggest on how to improve and optimize content for attract your target market and position well in search engines with the use of keywords.

Digital Marketing Consultancy’s Usability

With regards to usability, we can offer a complete overview of how everyone is using your website or your system, and how their encounter might be enhanced in conjunction with what you would like them to do.

Marketing Conversion Optimization

One of the objectives of your website is to impact guests to execute certain activities once on the website (such as creating a purchase). We can suggest ways of facilitating and encouraging these desired client behaviors. For instance, if you’re looking to improve your e-commerce checkout procedure, we look at the various factors that affect transformation, such as the steps to take during purchase, the message on each step, colour use, amount of information gathered, etc.


We focus on marketing here at Eternus and would be very glad to help suggest or support you with optimizing your marketing efforts for better revenue. Some of our marketing evaluation solutions include:

Adwords Campaigns

We take a close look at your overall and past Google adwords techniques, and conduct our own analysis using our tools. We then put together suggestions on how to develop it or execute it better, such as keyword lists, marketing techniques, optimization techniques, and campaign suggestions.

Search Engine Optimization

How to people find your website in search engines? What opportunities are there for customers to find it more often? What keywords should you use to improve your website conversions? These are all the questions we ask and seek to answer in our SEO analysis.

Social Media Marketing

We take a look at your entire social media networking experience on the web and assess how it is currently performing and how it could perform better. We then suggest an effective concrete technique to adhere to that will enhance more involvement, growth, and advantage for your organization.

Reputation Building

Online opinions are often a major contributor to the success of your organization. We can help suggest a way of growing and advertising positive online opinions and handling any adverse opinions.

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