Medical web development focuses on building and maintaining websites in the medical industry.

Eternus Global Medical KPO belongs to the health and scientific web development niche, of which only a few are the leading providers around the world. Currently there is no web development company around the world that focuses on medical and scientific web development alone.

There are many medical web development companies claiming to focus on health and scientific websites however they are founded by people who are neither doctors nor health professionals or scientists. Eternus Global Medical KPO is founded by a medical doctor and a bioinformatician and is made up of a team of medical doctors, scientists, web developers and other professionals who have a passion for health information technology.

Medical Web Development

This is the development of medical websites. Healthcare web and app development poses a set of challenges very different from mainstream websites. Not only is security an area that requires a considerable attention, compliance with regulatory standards is also absolutely crucial.

Here are the characteristics of a good medical website or application.

It Should Be Focused On Medicine

A successful medical website or application should be able to demonstrate clinical benefits and offer real value to its users, whether they are patients, healthcare practitioners, or both. Using medical websites and apps for routine self-monitoring and feedback is a cost-effective strategy for self-management.

A good medical website should have only those functions and features relevant to its audience. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand and master the needs of all relevant stakeholders, gather real-time usage data, and use this information in web and app development.

It Should Understand The Healthcare System

Medical apps should be in line with the healthcare systems. Not only should it be in compliance with the legal and regulatory systems, but also it should demonstrate value to patients, payers, providers, and employers.

It Should Be User Friendly Yet Secure

A medical website or app should be user friendly, yet it should enforce stronger measures and eliminate options that could potentially compromise security. Complex functionalities should not be served to users wherever possible; however, the site should have proper validation checks to minimize data entry errors or usage errors.

It Should Be Created By A Medical Expert

In the field of medicine, doctors are considered as medical experts, especially if they are board-certified clinical specialists. Eternus Global Company Medical KPO prides itself in its founder who is a board-certified internist but who is well-versed in information technology consulting.

When developing a website or an application for a particular disease, it’s mandatory that a medical expert with specialization in that disease be on-boarded and frequently consulted through the web development cycle.

Medical web development often require deep and sometimes very specific medical knowledge that is beyond most developers. Field and beta testing using online, focus, or patient groups is obligatory to ensure that the website or the app has relevance with the target audience.

A physician or specialist with a patient list populated by the target audience should be on board. They can also direct field-testing as clinical trials and endorse the website or app to patients and colleagues.

It Should Undergo Continuous Testing

The web developer must take some time to completely field-test the website or app before releasing it to the market. It can be significant to get the prototypes out to the target audience as early as possible.

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