Medical Writing

Medical writing is an indispensable part of the medical industry.

New information is consistently being added to medicine by a number of research reports, developing scientific expertise, and new suggestions and ideas. All this information wants to be conveniently communicated to particular audiences such as doctors, patients, health professionals and medical business stakeholders.

What Is Medical Writing?

Medical writing is the writing of scientific documents by writers who are in the field of medicine. These medical writers often work with the physicians and scientists to gather information, and present that information in a manner that is easily understood by the public.  Good medical writing is determined by clear and accurate reporting.

The medical writer needs to have a good understanding of the scientific concepts and strategies, and be ready to present the information and its interpretation in the way target audiences will appreciate. Medical writing has grown to be a main function in the pharmaceutical industry, because it requires specialised abilities and knowledge to write down scientific documents which can be good- structured, and offered in a clear and lucid manner.

Types Of Medical Writing

Medical Journalism

These are in the form of newspaper and journal articles. They are in most cases for the public and lay persons and must be written down in simple, non-technical language.

Medical Education

This is in the form of textbooks, Continued Medical Education (CME) programs, slide decks, e-learning modules for health professionals. For Patients, this is in the form of patient education material

Medical Marketing Of Healthcare Products

Medical marketing involves the use of promotional literature targeted at healthcare professionals, such as product monographs, brochures and handouts. It is also used in the form of sales training manuals, e-learning modules and web content for physicians and patients.

Publications And Presentations

This is in the form of journal articles and manuscripts such as research articles, case reports and review articles. It is also in the form of abstracts, posters and presentations for scientific meetings and conferences.

Research Documents

These include clinical trial protocols, Investigators′ Brochure, Informed Consent documents, study reports and research proposals.

Regulatory Documents

These include package inserts (prescribing information), patient information leaflets, clinical study reports and web synopses. It also includes subject narratives and regulatory submission documents.

These regulatory submission documents include Common Technical Document (CTD) modules such as nonclinical and clinical overviews & summaries, expert reports, safety & efficacy summaries; Aggregate safety reports such as Periodic Safety Update Reports (PSURs), bridging reports, Periodic Adverse Drug Experience Reports (PADER), Annual safety reports (ASR)s; policy papers etc.

Who Needs Medical Writing Services?

Medical writers usually work with the pharmaceutical industry. However, there are many other settings in which medical writers are needed:

  • Pharmaceutical / healthcare product companies including medical device companies
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs) & Business/Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies (BPOs/ KPOs)
  • Scientific content and healthcare communication companies (Functional Service Providers)
  • Media & Publishing companies and Medical Journals
  • Academic medical institutions
  • Medical/scientific societies

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