Mobile Ecommerce Takes on UK, UK, India and Germany

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Mobile ecommerce is becoming more of a trend nowadays.

The March 2016 SimilarWeb report has claimed that UK mobile commerce has made up 65% of all total ecommerce traffic in January, the highest figure for any country being studied by the company. US mcommerce traffic share was the second highest, constituting 54% of total ecommerce traffic. India and Germany were the next in line to hover around half of the ecommerce total. The other top nations involved with mobile ecommerce are France (35%), Brazil (33%) and Russia (23%), where mcommerce traffic only makes up a smaller amount of ecommerce traffic.

Desktop Views

However, despite this, desktop still has more page views. In the UK, the average desktop page views are 13.6. Meanwhile, in the US, desktop views average at 9.1 while mobile views are at 5.6. Germany has the highest desktop views at an average of 16.8 while its mobile views are at an average of 8.6.

Digital Retail Sales

On digital retail sites, UK is still the winner. In UK, the average time spent on desktop viewing of digital retail sites was 7 minutes and 30 seconds while on mobile, average time spent on viewing digital retail sites is 5 minutes and 14 seconds. In the US, retail sites were viewed on desktop at an average of 7 minutes, while they were viewed on mobile at an average of 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

Though mobile commerce is now having a significant share on website traffic, many users still spend time on retail sites using desktop.



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