Online Business You Can Start With No Money


You want to start a business but you don’t have money? Maybe, traditionally when talking and planning about putting up a business you have money to invest. However, don’t you know that the growing technologies allow you to do marketing without investing lots of money? 

But, how come you don’t have to invest money? Well, let’s thank the internet, we can do a lot of things with it. Be resourceful with your laptops and the internet and think of the things that you can do with them. 

If the first thing that comes to your mind is an online business, we can help you with that. Since online marketing is rampant worldwide then you can choose from the list that we will provide you below so better read further on this article. 

Types Of Online Business Without Investing Money

What’s great about online is that it makes the work easier for the customers and the seller. You can work anywhere and whenever you want, start your business with these:

  1. Drop Shipping Business

If you own a small business and are looking for a job where you don’t have to maintain a large inventory of products, what you are looking for is dropshipping. It will lessen your expenditure in a warehouse or stock house for your products since it will not require a large number of stocks. 

What you have to do and focus on is the marketing and advertising strategy to increase sales. If the sales are guaranteed the third-party will handle it. 

How Does It Work?

Some companies specialize in Dropshipping and this is how it works:

  1. On your website or a forum like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy, you list items for sale. 
  2. You buy the product from a third party company when one of your customers makes an order for a cheaper price. It seems like a process of forwarding the purchased items and processing them.  
  3. Then the shipper will send the products to the customers. 

Importantly, find a trusted store of third-party that can deliver on time because if it fails, the customer’s blame will be on you. For a very low monetary investment, you can count on dropshipping.

2.  Affiliate Marketing

Dropshipping and affiliate marketing in this business are almost the same. However, they differ at some point, all you need to do in affiliate marketing is to search for a niche, and then you’ll find an affiliate partner for them. You will sell items or products for sale either on the affiliate website or through blogging. Every item contains a special link that tracks your affiliate partner back to your account. For checkout, a prospect who clicks on the connection is taken to your partner’s shopping cart. When they buy, the purchase is registered and a commission is paid. 

3. Business by Blogging

You’re ready to start making cash with a blog if you have the expertise or a passion or interest in a topic. You can start your blog free with a service like Blogger ( As many free blogging sites have limits on what you can say or do like making money or advertisements, you can also create your platform and secure your hosting for a low price, which is typically the route I recommend.

You can think all about writing is blogging. But published blog posts are just the beginning. You can post images, videos, and links to other websites, you can even post news and other posts… it’s all game, really as long as your niche is concerned.

  1. Online Video Business

Online video is one of the popular online businesses and a trend. Do you have a favorite vlogger? Maybe there is! Since youtube became popular in this generation making youtube with 2 billion users. 

In this online business, you don’t have to spend too much of your money to earn. What you have to invest is time, creativity, and content to gain subscribers and viewers. The first thing to do is to create an account on youtube. Take note of the following things to earn in this kind of business. 

How To Earn On YouTube?

You got paid on YouTube when you enable the monetization and give Google the signal to give 

short AdSense ads on your YouTube videos. 

But, how will you earn in that advertisement? When the viewers will click the ads, that’s the time you will get paid. 

The other way to make money is from paid sponsorships, these are the companies who are willing to pay by advertising their products and services. 

  1. Product’s Information

Through digital marketing and business, you can learn a lot and at the same time, you’ll earn. Selling doesn’t mean it should be physical but, this time, you can do it online. The digital product’s information is one of the easiest ways to gain profit. By creating information products through video, recording, or text. You have to come up with useful yet engaging information about a certain product. 

You’ll gain even when you are sleeping since you put the product on sale and let the customer download and purchase them. Frequently monitor the trending products that are being sold and make product’s information.


Admit it or not, there are times that we can hardly find a decent and high-rated job. A job and business that is flexible for our time. However, online business is the one trending today, it occupies almost three-fourths of the workforce. 

Online marketing or digital marketing is one way to help us to earn while staying at home and doing important things. The other thing is that it can help you if your salary can’t sustain your needs. You can find another job while having your regular job, making it your sideline. However, get the job as long as you can handle them both, never find another one if you are overloaded. You will make the company devastated. 


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