Paving The Way For Philippines Ecommerce

Philippines is pushing for the development of the regional Philippines ecommerce industry in recognition of its growing role within the discussions and resolution-making amongst procedure-member-states of the organization of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said it has participated within the China-Asean workshop on e-commerce held in Beijing to promote a clearer understanding of the significance of e-commerce within the context of global financial integration.

DTI mentioned it hopes to not only fortify the industry within the nation, but also enhance e-commerce cooperation amongst government and corporations across the country. It is a fact that e-commerce has now been a catalyst for a number of economies and continues to expand its market, however there are different factors that we should do for us not to be left behind.

With the abilities of future progress of Philippine e-commerce, our participation in global ecommerce events can make contributions in making a plan on integrating technological knowledge to facilitate the convenience of doing trade and its effect to SMEs and global chain in having a better entry in international market among others.

The DTI stated discussions within ASEAN have focused on three important things: interconnection, interworking and government service, as well as the innovative application of e-commerce and cross border e-commerce and ecology.  Some government officials have noted that despite the fact that the government has these initiatives, it is still encouraging the private sector to take the lead, to strengthen collaboration and partnership, and to fulfil the aims of e-commerce.

The DTI at the side of the stakeholders has already set the groundwork for the components of “2020 E-commerce Roadmap” .