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Philippines Ecommerce Ranks 89th in Global Growth

Philippines ecommerce is growing faster than ever before. This is good news to those who want to start an online shop and are looking for Philippines ecommerce developer or Philippines online store developer.

The Philippines ranked 89th out of 137 countries and territories globally in phrases of readiness to aid online browsing and different industry-to-customer electronic commerce, or B2C e-commerce, in line with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Unctad).

Rising Soon

Amongst rising economies in Asia and Oceania, the Philippines ranked ninth in the Unctad’s B2C E-commerce Index 2016. In comparison, neighbouring country Malaysia ranked 4th amongst establishing economies within the area and tenth among such economies global.

Unctad mentioned that a growing number of nations were designing countrywide policies and techniques to harness the whole skills of ecommerce for economic development. This American consultancy forecasts global ecommerce retail sales to reach trillions in 2016.

This prediction can support policy makers assess up to what extent their economies are equipped for ecommerce and what areas are in greatest need for growth. No ranking was initially available for the Philippines. The updated index is composed of 4 symptoms: web-use penetration, secure servers per one million inhabitants, credit-card penetration and a postal reliability ranking.

Unctad mentioned that the straightforwardness and transparency of the index enables nations to evaluate how they participate in specific areas.

The Scenario

The index confirmed web penetration within the Philippines at around 40 percent. Amongst adult shoppers, only three percent have credit cards. There are around 52 secure servers, which are very important for buying online, per million of people.  Also, the Philippines was once rated 48 percent in phrases of the reliability of postal offerings centered on data from the Universal Postal Union.

Overall, these 4 motives replicate an index value of 35.7 points.

Luxembourg, which retained its role on the top of the index, enjoyed 89.7 points. On this nation, ninety five percent of the population have access to the web and 69 percent of customers who are 15 years and older have credit cards.

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