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Magento eCommerce Developer

Eternus Global IT Outsourcing Solutions offers quality yet affordable ecommerce development. Magento eCommerce is the trusted software and platform by the world’s leading brands. Our team is headed by a top core PHP developer with more than fifteen years of experience in web development. He is the creator of the Facebook Feed FBF plugin in downloaded more than 60,000 times. He is constantly contributing to StackExchange.


Open Source

Magento is free for download in the Internet, except Enterprise version. It includes most of the necessary features to have your store up and run it.


Magento’s admin area is second to none. It allows users to be enabled full features by the click of a button. It is easy to look at your website performance and real time information.  Magento allows third party integrations to import products from spreadsheets, manage newsletter system, start-to-finish manage an order of a customer.

Flexible CMS

It supports you manage multiple websites, integrate Google website optimizer and over 50 payment gateways. WYSIWYG editor is friendly to help non-tech individual refresh website easily. Magento is perfect choice for product editing and capable of handling large database smartly.


There are about 15.000 Magento plugins and extensions.



Magento EE is not a free version. Users can start with Magento CE with no fee. However, you need to pay high cost for extensions and plugins. Sometimes, companies have to hire a third party to install extension for their site.


Setting up and customizing Magento is more complicated than other platforms. It offers high requirement in server and developers. Magento hosted on dedicated servers or cloud plan to keep store running stably. Developers need to have core technical knowledge and experiences in coding to install and control Magento properly.


Magento’s flexible architecture also makes it complicated. The more Magento is complex, the more time it need to set up and customize as in other solutions. It requires developer’s time to get up the learning curve and be experts.