Expert PHP Web Development

We offer digital marketing strategy services, search engine optimization, keyword generation, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, email marketing and graphic design services with our own trusted full stack developer.

Expert PHP Web Developer Services

We do Amazon, Aliexpress, Shopify, Ebay and Etsy ecommerce integration. When it comes to e-commerce techniques for a leading ecommerce developer, we’ve done it all, from simply to classy purchasing carts, to bill transaction and online contribution systems, with our efficient full stack developer team.

Stage 1: Planning

Our full stack developer team spend time to cautiously plan out your task and all of the essential pieces. All our site development projects are born from a simple yet effective strategy that courses the design, progress, messaging, and each aspect of execution. It’s this process that enables us to provide such powerful and quality PHP web developer websites.


When you ask Eternus Global Company IT Outsourcing to build your website, we get together to discuss on all the details of your business. From right here, our designers, full stack developer, programmers and marketing staff can formulate all their questions for you when we meet again.

Competitive Analysis

We make our own market research to learn more with regards to the industry you are in and your competitors. We could have many meetings with you in this stage, but we have already created a plan for your target audience, what your value proposition is, and how to get your message across to your audience.

When we already know how your business works and what your industry landscape is like, we create a specific solution targeted to you and your objectives. We combine our skills in design, marketing and programming to make sure that your project is delivered in high quality with potential for success.


We then create basic visible design of the website which not only shows what type of content will be presented and where it will appear on the website. It allows for us to visually arrange the website based on the places clients would want to find them, what we wish people to read, the parts we want them to click on, and what we would like them to do.

Gathering Of Information

We then schedule meetings with you to talk about further important points about our project. Using data from our meetings and our research, we find out more about your business, your aims, your ambitions, your industry, and competitors in order that we are able to put together a strategy to pursue your goals.

We can additionally ask you questions about what you would like to have on your website, the styles or colours you want, the different websites you have as reference and others. Also, a part of this meeting is finding out what your overall business targets are, and how the website can be a part of the combination in delivering these objectives.

Sitemap And Content List

With a solid process in position, we strengthen the sitemap of your website, essentially showing how organized your website pages are as well as their hierarchy. It is also at this point that we take into careful consideration search engine optimisation (SEO), because we have observed that even how a website is structured can have an impact on how you rank in Google. We additionally put together a content list to keep track of what content we would need.

Stage 2: Design

Our web designers will then assimilate everything that they know so far from your business including the sitemap and the wireframe and use their creative techniques to create something beautiful. Our designs are detailed for every project and are created by inspired people who love what they do and are truly good at it.

Concept Creation

Our designers will first acquire a general concept of the design in order that their ideas will be understood by managers and marketers before being ‘realized’. This ensures that the design is consistently directed towards your business goals.

Design Presentation

With a satisfactory thought in mind, the designer composes a masterpiece. This work of art is centred on the concepts that you want. Normally, 1-3 concepts would be presented and each design is mocked up for presentation to you in a meeting. Each design is unique yet still always on the course of your business strategy.

Revisions And Final Presentation

Even though our designs are outright accepted by clients, every now and then the client may request a number of changes. This is okay with us! We take your suggestions and work it into the design until you’re comfortable with it, which is usually accomplished in not more than two rounds of revisions.

Stage 3: Quality Control

After you approve your design, it will be delegated by the designers to the programmers who will build it in WordPress or HTML. It is in this stage that the full-functional website is being developed. This is the final step before the launch.


The design is then incorporated into HTML, WordPress or other CMS depending on your requirements. Also this is where we develop any custom functionality that was suggested in the project, such as e-commerce or database systems.

Content Creation

Based on our content list from Stage 1, we make content and place it in the website, while checking for spelling and grammar.

Internal Testing

We never deliver a website that wasn’t tried and tested. We do cross-browser testing for all relevant browsers and versions on various devices. The website will also undergo scrutiny of the project managers to ensure all the details and specs have been complied with.

Customer Testing And Beta Approval

We hand you a fully-functional and tested website. Now, it’s your turn to test this website and experience its beauty and functionalities. You should try this website on various devices such as your desktop or mobile, experience all its features, and read content to make sure that it’s exactly as you would like. If everything appears good, just give us a good review!

Stage 4: Launch And Beyond

Launch On Schedule

Your site is now live in the internet whether as a soft launch or a final launch. In either way, we still take after the same techniques and will do everything to meet your expectations and schedules.

Testing After Launch

Our website testing goes on even after the launch. A live website can malfunction at times, but our web development team is quick enough to do full testing again so that solutions are provided to your issues and so that we can ensure that everything is working perfectly well.

Customer Training

When we build a WordPress site for you, we give you a complimentary tutorial later. In this stage, we sit with you and teach you how to handle the back-end of the framework. WordPress is so easy to use that you’ll most likely be an expert at the end of the session, yet in case you will still have difficulty, we will give you enough resources that you need to keep your site running.

Servicing And Support

We take great pleasure in providing continuous assistance to our customers in a way that doesn’t drain your pockets. We offer affordable website maintenance packages. Let’s talk about them by sending us a message below.

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Get That Brand New Website Experience With Beautiful Results!