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The Philippines Software Outsourcing Industry

The Philippines software outsourcing industry is regarded as one of the high-value sectors and is credited for contributing some US$1.16 billion into the Philippine economic climate, using practically 60,000 software engineers and IT experts. Estimated revenue per full-time employee (FTE) every year is at US$20,500.

Experts say that the Philippines has good software engineering ability from unique regions in the Philippines. The nation has dedicated people and they are proven to deliver results to global customers.

Worldwide study firm Everest Group notes that the Philippines is gaining ground within the field of offshore software development and information science outsourcing (ITO).

Furthermore, suggests that the Philippines has the third largest pool for IT work within the Asia-Pacific area, while ITO costs rank among the many lowest in the world.

The Philippines has been known to be one of the appealing places for outsourcing for the past years. Having good popularity, the nation used to be in a position to pursue a number of investors with the result of acquisition of more income and clients.

Some of the many advantages of the Philippines were:

  1. The cheaper yet exceptional human resources which had been recognized to be a pool of highly skilled staff with a literacy price of 94%
  2. Strong affinity to western culture resulting to world-class English talent
  3. The Philippines has growing domestic community of low cost, well-developed communications infrastructure linking the three principal islands
  4. The country’s communications infrastructures had been fast increasing as it had been recognized for its high excellence and low cost bandwidth
  5. The Philippine government has encouraged the progress of dedicated IT parks via investment incentives
  6. Equivalent form of government and the media that constructed on a powerful familiarity with Western culture

Also, Philippines being a strategic vicinity is the gateway of information technology in Asia. And it seems to be a primary entry factor to the ASEAN market- for the five hundred million market in Southeast Asia. Truly, the Philippines is built-in into the regional and world economies. Additionally, the country can furnish limitless industry possibilities, as more economic integration by means of the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (AFTA) expands exchange possibilities.

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