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How to Reduce Product Returns From Your Shop Online

shop onlineProduct returns in your shop online are a main issue on either side of merchandise transactions. Customers need liberal return policies as backup assurance against making a nasty purchase. Shops need to do everything they could to draw more customers and create long-term buyer-seller relationships at the same time still making a profit.

Neither buyers nor sellers want product returns. So sellers are attempting a lot of strategies to help the customer realise what they are buying and making sure they want what they buy.

So how can you prevent customer returns for your ecommerce site? Here are some tips:

Tips on How To Prevent Product Returns

Good Product Descriptions

It would be good if you as a seller could come up with good-looking pictures of your merchandise in your shop online. Your ecommerce site should also include tools that can give a couple of views and zoom in on details. Accurate product descriptions play an important role.

Shop Online Tools

Customers often return products which do not fit their actual size. Many marketers say that to minimize this, your ecommerce site should have tools that help customers find their right size by describing the right way to get body measurements. Some ecommerce sites have reduced returns by 50% (Asos for example) by using this marketing strategy.

Asking For Consumer Feedback and Experiences

Asking shoppers to give feedback on products not only helps other customers make informed picks; it also creates priceless data for retailers to o modify descriptions and develop better product specs with. If for example, a customer doesn’t like a product feature, the seller is informed of the comment so that he can relay it to the manufacturer.

Free Shipping Return

A recent survey has mentioned that fifty nine percent of retailers currently offer free return delivery. However supplying free returns is expensive. One method to diminish this expense is to use PayPal, which offers to reimburse enrolled consumers with its fee system for returning delivery fees. PayPal says its system makes it possible for retailers who do not offer this service. This move can support merchants in growing their customer base, especially those who are afraid of expensive shipping costs.


Shops are relying more and more on information to make merchandising choices, but lots of firms disregard an important source of data: data from returns. By means of feedback and simple observations concerning the products being returned, and then making use of returns analytics to that information, retailers generally enrich their knowledge about what customers really want.

Preventing product returns is beneficial for everyone. The customer finds the right product during purchase in a shop online and the retailer lowers returns charges and creates repeat orders.

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