You’d like to draw more skilled clients, but…

You have a million other things on your mind, and you can’t afford to waste time creating your own web content or managing a team of authors.

You’re under more pressure than ever to turn your online marketing into a cash cow.

Professional website copy to offer SEO-friendly content that will help readers find your company and connect with it.

Eternus Global is a leading copywriting agency that helps you achieve online success by creating original content that is found in search engines and drives conversions with various types of content.

Become A Business Authority On the Internet

Your copywriter will oversee the entire content development process in order to reach out to your target audience.

Find Your Audience And Engage Them Online

Our top-tier content writers conduct analysis, publish, and refine your website copy to increase traffic and conversions.

Increase Your Web Sales

Our copywriters collaborate with you to make your company sound like a trusted friend to your clients.

You Deserve To Work With Professional Copywriters

Complete Keyword Research

If your website material isn’t identified by search engines, you won’t get any revenue. With keyword analysis, your freelance copywriter can create rich website content based on what your customers are looking for online. Then we write web copy that is tailored to your buyers’ pain points, ensuring that your content is found and converted.

Keyword Intent 

Depending on your audience’s purpose, different keywords are needed for your website pages and blog posts. This aligns your long-term strategic objectives with the needs of your target market. Our copy incorporates keywords into your content in a natural way to increase your online exposure.

Search Volume 

The demand for unique keywords is balanced based on how often your customers search for them online. This will bring the market’s supply and demand into balance, allowing you to gain more visibility.

Keyword Competition 

We’ll look for holes in the market so you can be found for valuable keywords with low competition. Since more competitive keywords are more difficult to rank for, we’ll focus on the ones that matter.

Copywriting by a Professional

To get found, contact a copywriting agency that understands the customers’ needs and material specifications. A knowledgeable copywriter will assist you in standing out from the crowd and achieving your objectives with the best content possible.

Our copywriting projects are based on extensive research into your business, market, and target audience. To get found, interact, and convert potential customers, we use a scientific approach to deliver high-quality web copy.

Your Website’s Content Audit

Our content audit gathers data from a variety of sources to help you understand what’s going on through your entire website. We’ll look at every web page, blog post, and white paper on your site to get a complete picture of how future customers find you.

Our freelance copywriter will dig deep into your latest content to ensure that it is optimized for what Google is looking for. We also go over the content on your website in light of your company’s priorities, brand voice, and target audience.

Our content audit follows a 5-step process, and our professional copywriters provide you with a comprehensive analysis and recommendations.

Positioning And Optimization Of Content

It’s not enough to just write material. To get your brand found online, we’ll help you build a content calendar and a positioning plan. Our copywriting services produce SEO-friendly, high-quality content that attracts new customers.

Ongoing Monitoring and Optimisation

When you click “Publish,” your content marketing isn’t over. Our writing services include ongoing assistance to ensure that your website is supercharged with unique content that ranks high in Google and drives conversions for your business!

Website copy that is found and tailored around the pain points of potential customers powers high-ranking marketing materials. Since our team can monitor your success so you can see results and opportunities, our website copywriting packages provide performance monitoring.

If you’re starting a new company or upgrading an existing one, our copywriting services will help you from start to finish!

What Are the Different Types of Website Copywriting Services?

To optimize the effect of your service sites, blog posts, and paid search advertising, we conduct a thorough study of your business, target audience, and competitors.

Based on your business, sector, and target market, your content is optimized on all levels. All content goes through several stages to coordinate your content’s topic, keywords, and format to find the right balance between search results and readability for consumers, in addition to spending hours to understand your company’s needs.

Thousands of blog posts, hundreds of product pages, and optimized business websites have been written by our authors around the world. Check out our case studies and see how our writing service will help you achieve your goals!

Copywriting Services for SEO

Your business requires content that will meet the needs of your target audience while also increasing conversions. Our expert copywriters have more than ten years of experience in keyword analysis, digital marketing, and crisp copywriting.

With useful keywords, professionally designed material, and on-page SEO, our copywriting services offer content that will appear at the top of search results.

Blog Posts

Our expert blog copywriting services combine SEO and content marketing to create SEO-friendly content that will help you develop a relationship with your target audience.

The best blog content informs, educates, and entertains potential customers about their company needs and solutions.

Service & Parent Web Pages

Your website serves as the central core of your marketing campaign, and your web content must be identified in order to generate sales. Our website copywriting services will assist you in creating new pages or updating current service pages to align with Google’s algorithm and your sales process.

Your website’s service pages must be both reader- and SEO-friendly, with website copy that is perfectly matched with content marketing, keyword analysis, and optimization know-how to help you rank above the competition, regardless of the type of content you need!

Google & Facebook Paid Ads

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are great ways to reach out to potential buyers when they’re about to make a purchase. Expert ad copywriting is included in our PPC management services for all of your promotional campaigns.

A competent web copywriter with experience managing, publishing, and optimizing Google Ads and Facebook Ads would be ideal. Since we understand how Google and social media sites operate, our web copywriters are unrivaled in their ability to create PPC ad copy for Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Our SEO copywriting services are used to create straightforward material that is suitable for a wide range of industries and drives direct sales. As a result, the PPC campaigns would generate a higher return on investment, lower ad spend, and increase sales.

Ecommerce Copywriting

For online retailers, our skilled copywriting services have industry-leading solutions. Product and category pages for eCommerce stores must be descriptive, engaging, and SEO-friendly. Your e-commerce store requires high-quality content that is SEO-friendly and tailored to the needs of your target audience in order to rank above the competition.

Our copywriting services provide everything you’ll need to increase sales and profits. Our authors can write product descriptions that are optimized for high-traffic keywords. We also have website content to alleviate potential customers’ concerns when they browse online for various items and pricing choices.

Social Media Copywriting

PPC, blogging, and website content aren’t the only things we do with copywriting. Our team of expert writers also knows how to create relatable social media posts that your fans will enjoy.

Our social media copywriters craft engaging posts with a relaxed and informal tone. You can rely on our copywriters to create entertaining posts for you to share on all of your social media sites!

Customized Copywriting Services For Your Business

Each word is written specifically for your target market, ensuring that your content meets their needs and expectations. At the same time, our website copywriters create content that will help you get identified in Google, resulting in eligible leads and sales.