Our Services

Eternus Global Company Ltd is an information technology outsourcing and medical knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) company in the Philippines. It focuses on ecommerce development, vertical market web, software and web development, digital marketing and medical research.

Web Development Problems We Solve

We generate more leads and brand visibility through digital marketing and content strategy. We help our clients to convert the leads to customers by email marketing

We help our clients to retain their customers by adding new features, promoting through ad campaigns, email marketing and blogging. We build software to maximize interoperability between people and technologies.

Our Unique Features

Our websites are responsive, user friendly, SEO friendly, customizable, extendable, and with technical support, all with affordable prices.

We do digital marketing campaigns with detailed keyword research, effective content strategy and email marketing that increases conversion and brand visibility.

In terms of software development and ecommerce, we use cost-effective and innovative approaches to increase work efficiency among technical professionals, operators and customers.

Web Development Pricing

Our pricing is based on the usual market prices of the services and are low to mid-range. We work within your budget without compromising quality.

Website & Ecommerce Development

Eternus Global ecommerce development is special because it is secure, user-friendly, responsive in all devices, and uses open-source platforms. The development team also offers free training for users and does digital marketing and technical support.

Software and Web Development

Eternus Global focuses on vertical market software. We identify, qualify, and prioritize vertical solutions that deliver the highest return on investment. We profile the vertical market, then identify and prioritize key solution influencers in each vertical industry. We define route-to-revenue strategies that complement industry route-to-market influencers in a specific vertical market.

Eternus Global define products, service offerings, and related value propositions that drive compelling customer value and financial ROI for your business and your customers.

Digital Marketing

Eternus Global focuses on top-rated digital marketing technologies which are content marketing, big data, marketing automation, mobile marketing and social media marketing. It also focuses on search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search marketing.

KPO & Virtual Assistance

Eternus Global especially focuses on medical writing and medical research for new drugs, devices and biological. It is made up of experienced clinical investigators, medical doctors and clinical research staff that are trained to handle and analyze data.

About Eternus Global

Eternus Global Company Ltd is an information technology outsourcing and medical knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) company in the Philippines. Headquartered in the Philippines, it focuses on website development, ecommerce development, vertical market software development, digital marketing and medical research. Vertical market software is aimed at addressing the needs of any given business within a discernible vertical market (specific industry or market). It is developed for and customized to a specific industry’s needs. The company has been working for global clients from Australia, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe since its founding.

Eternus Global thrives on the values of innovation, integrity, honesty and efficiency. Its vision is to be a trusted global partner in information technology, computer science and knowledge process outsourcing through innovation and collaboration. It strives to fulfill its mission of increasing client base and partners for attaining financial stability, employing a massive workforce and building more ecommerce sites and applications that empower entrepreneurs and individuals.

We strongly believe that by offering ecommerce, digital marketing, vertical market software and medical research services, they are able to help small to medium business around the world and attain financial stability within the next years.