How to Start an Ecommerce Online Business

How to Start an Ecommerce Online Business

If you’re ready to change the way you live, but you don’t have much capital to open a physical store, you should consider starting an ecommerce online business. An online ecommerce store can actually reach millions of customers instead of those who come in as they please, plus, you don’t have to rent retail space. However, just like any other business, you will need an excellent product inventory and a sound marketing plan.

Starting an Ecommerce Store

You should define your product or service. Starting an online business gives you access to millions of customers, but you may also have a lot more competition. No matter what you are trying to sell, there are hundreds more online retailers which have the same products and services. What differentiates your product from other offerings? To help your product stand out from the rest, you should find a niche.

Plan Your Business

You should offer expertise in an area. Even if the product itself is not very unique, being an expert might be a stronger selling point.

Check out  the competition. Find out what is not being offered, and find a way to fill the gap with your product.

Register your business. Your business needs to be registered according to your country’s laws. You must choose a business name and submit the appropriate paperwork to make your business official.

Make Your Website

Get a good web hosting service. There are free hosting services around, but if you are serious in running an online business for long term, consider paying for a host that offers all the services you need. Choose a hosting service that allows your growth.

Create an attractive and functional website. Your online store should reflect your products or services. No matter what your theme is, it is important to give it a professional air. Since you can’t be able to earn people’s trust in person, your website should do the selling for you. Your site should be attractive, engaging, and easy for customers to use when they make a purchase. You should make sure that your design matches your product.

When designing your website, always remember to focus on what is important. Your goal is to make your website simple and easy to use. Your customers should not make no more than 2 clicks before they can make a purchase. The top of each webpage should have a link to the shopping cart if you are building an ecommerce store.

Your website buttons should be large enough and clear enough to read. Your input boxes should be large and easy for your customers to enter their  information. Don’t use too many words that you don’t need on payment pages. Make sure your logo is always at the top of the page and that it always links to the homepage. If you have dark backgrounds you can use light colored text and vice versa.

Set Up Ecommerce

Get ecommerce software like woocommerce, prestashop, magento. You’ll need this so that your customers can see your products, enter their information and purchase. The software can safely store customer information. Ecommerce web services nowadays can make it easy to sell your products on the web with no extra cost. There are no templates to work with, you just simply create an online store using the service.

If you hire a web developer, choose one with expertise on woocommerce, prestashop, magento.

You should set up a merchant account. Businesses in the past used to rely on just cash or check and setting up a credit card processing system was expensive. Using  PayPal makes it possible to accept any form of credit or debit card for your services, and its service includes dispute resolution.

Online Marketing Tips

You should add attractive content to your site. Focus on your expertise, and be able to display them professionally. Look your best for potential clients and include descriptions when necessary.

 Have a business account on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If your business is visual, have accounts on Flickr and Tumblr as well. Post news and new content on your social media sites.

Become an affiliate marketer. There are many companies who use affiliate programs to grow online sales. When a customer buys an item through your affiliate link, you can earn commission.

Online businesses are the in-thing nowadays. Ecommerce platforms such as woocommerce, prestashop and magento are now wpopular. If you want an affordable yet high-quality ecommerce web developer service, feel free to contact us.