How To Start Online Business: 4 Easy Steps Starters Guide

How to start online Business

If you want to step out of the corporate office, work independently and become your own boss, you may want to start an online business. “How to start online business?” is the first question that will come into your mind.

How To Start Online Business?

1. Before you learn how to start an online business, decide how you will make money.

The first step in starting your business is deciding how you will generate income. When it comes to online business, you have a few options.

Sell products.

Types of online products you can sell include:

  • eCommerce products
  •  Affiliate products
  •  Digital products and ebooks
  •  Online courses

Sell services.

You can start an online business based on selling consulting and freelancing services that are completed online or over the phone.

Sell memberships.

An offering that falls somewhere between a product and a service is a membership site. A membership site is a private online group where users pay to access exclusive content, advice or relationships.

Sell advertising and paid sponsorships.

You can turn a website into a business by selling space on your web pages for advertisements and paid sponsors. Online platforms can connect you with sponsors and advertisers, or you can seek them out on your own.

2. Select your platform.

Select the best place to build your business online. How you make money online will dictate which platform you should build your business on.

Platforms to consider include:

Your website.

Your website is usually the home base of your online business. Even if you conduct most of your business using other platforms, you will likely still need a strong online presence established through a professional website.

eCommerce platform.

An eCommerce platform gives you the ability to sell products online. eCommerce software can be added to your website so you can make sales directly from your site.

Learning management system.

If you sell online courses, you will need a place to house your content and classes. You can deliver your content directly through your website or choose to use a learning management system such as Teachable or Udemy.

Peer-to-peer service exchange platforms.

If you choose to sell services through your online business, you can collect payment and provide services on your own. Or you can choose to work through a peer-to-peer service exchange platform that manages the process for you.

Online task sites.

To make money online, you can also use platforms that directly hire freelancers and contractors, sites like and use online workers to provide services for their websites and businesses.

3. Cover your legal and financial bases.

You need to legitimize your business. Your plan to make money online will officially turn into a business when you go through the following steps.

·        Register your business.

·        File for an EIN number.

·        Open a business banking account.

·        Learn the federal, state and local guidelines and tax requirements.

4. Get to work.

Once you have a product or service to sell, a place to sell it and that you are operating legally and strategically, it’s time to get some customers and get to work. Tell family and friends, market yourself and seek out potential clients and customers.

The benefit of having an online business is that you can take your work with you just about anywhere. But one of the best benefits is that your online business is accessible to a huge audience of buyers. You have the opportunity to connect with customers and clients around the world.

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