7 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media

7 Tips to Grow Your Business Using Social Media-Eternus Global

If you want to grow your brand and have lifelong success in your business, having knowledge about how to use social media platforms will automatically help you with new opportunities especially in growing your prospective customers. In order to get social media power you need to listen to your customers to easily determine an effective … Read more

The Scenario of Philippines Online Shopping

For Filipinos, it was the internet that arguably brought e-commerce and Philippines online shopping into the mainstream. “Multiply” grew to be a large online selling network, with greater than 90 thousand retailers in 2011 that it finally shifted to a wholly e-commerce website. During that time, the Philippines was once also known to be the … Read more

How to Reduce Product Returns From Your Shop Online

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Product returns in your shop online are a main issue on either side of merchandise transactions. Customers need liberal return policies as backup assurance against making a nasty purchase. Shops need to do everything they could to draw more customers and create long-term buyer-seller relationships at the same time still making a profit. Neither buyers … Read more