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Any B2C marketer can relate to the feeling of relief that comes with a successful email automation campaign in online marketing. It’s fantastic to know that your customers will receive personalized emails without you having to create each one manually.

From SMS notifications to cart abandonment emails to multi-channel programs encompassing social media and in-app communications, B2C marketing automation combines the potential of targeted communication with hands-off online marketing.

It saves time while guaranteeing that your consumers are happy regardless of their location.

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What Is Marketing Automation and How Does It Work?

All marketing campaigns, programs, and activities that are organized, conducted, and analyzed using software rather than by hand are referred to as marketing automation. These events and promotions are usually triggered by actions taken by leads or customers.

Marketing automation has a number of benefits especially in online marketing. It may help you save time and money by reducing resources, developing leads, and increasing revenue all at the same time.

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What Is B2C Marketing Automation and How Does It Work?

Automated brand communication and activities focused on individuals rather than corporations are part of the B2C marketing process automation. This type of marketing automation must be far more personalized and data-driven in order to properly interact with the customer in their specific client journey.

Both B2B and B2C marketing automation aim to provide relevant messages, increase efficiency, and produce money, but there are some key differences.

Marketing Automation in B2B vs. B2C

Through a set sales funnel, B2B marketing automation gives more mass-oriented information to enlighten and develop prospects. B2B marketing automation strives to provide intervention data that may aid marketers in training their judgment because B2B transactions generally include more parties.

On the other hand, B2C marketing automation is frequently focused on highly relevant and personalized marketing messages. B2C automation also caters to consumers at various phases of their unique customer journeys, with the goal of providing personalized product and service recommendations based on activity inputs and information gathered.

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B2C Marketing Automation Benefits

Marketing automation has a number of benefits for both firms and their target audiences. The following are some of the advantages of marketing automation in online marketing:

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The 5 Most Powerful Software Tools for Marketing Automation

1. Marketing Hub by HubSpot

The HubSpot Marketing Hub, which is based on the HubSpot CRM, provides a number of B2C online marketing tools that allow you to adapt messages, content, and interaction at scale based on your leads’ behavior. HubSpot is easy to use and can quickly become your team’s automated advertising best buddy, managing everything from emails to SMS and even internal automation systems such as lead generation and CRM modifications.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp was a forerunner in the field of online marketing automation. Use the Mailchimp platform to send email messages such as purchase confirmation emails and other personalized communications. You may also use the program to create a graphical consumer experience to ensure that each client receives outstanding service or to convert prospects into consumers.


ActiveCampaign is a well-known marketing technology company that was one of the first to develop a useful online marketing and automation process builder. (You know, the one with the strewn-about panels, tags, and lines.) It offers site monitoring, lead generation, accountability, and other email-related services.

4. Autopilot 

AutoPilot, like other industry solutions, includes a visual automation process generator that may be customized. Emoticons, doodles, personalized remarks, and other components distinguish it, allowing your team to connect and, well, have fun while building your email and online marketing operations. Despite the lack of a CRM, the software is rather clear, easy to use, and offers strong reporting features.

5. Omnisend

Omnisend is a well-known marketing automation tool made specifically for e-commerce businesses. It not only offers hundreds of pre-written designs for a variety of e-commerce automation scenarios, but it also integrates with virtually every e-commerce-related technology, such as email and messaging automation systems in online marketing.


In terms of B2C marketing automation, these five technologies are among the most effective ways of doing online marketing. Whether you’re sending out last-minute Christmas greetings or keeping up with new clients with automatic Messaging, use these B2C marketing technology tools to engage, connect, and change your customers.