battle between java and php

The Battle between Java and PHP: Which One Should You Use?


First things first, Java and PHP are the two popular tools used in web development. Many people says that comparing these two is invalid. But let’s try comparing them on neutral grounds, ok?

But first, let us discuss a little bit of the history of the two.

In 1995, both of them were created.

Java, as a part of the Java platform, was made for creating client software and in-browser apps. It is a compiled type-safe programing language that is widely used today for creating web apps.

PHP solely is a dynamic medium level programming language created for web and server-side scripting.

Ok now, let us compare them and who got an upper hand between the two.


We call Java a programming language while PHP a scripting language. But nowadays, people tend to forget the scripting language, as there is no exact definition of what is a scripting language is. So, in short, Java and PHP are tools people know considered as programming languages.

These two are both profane languages. It means that the bigger the project, the more developers work on it. But using OOP can be time-saving, and low-cost for maintenance, support, and software development.

Java Virtual Machine and Java API use Java computing platforms where it can run and work faster almost in all operating systems. PHP isn’t necessarily a “computing platform”; however, it also has its own virtual machine, the ZEND Engine.

Web Development

Java and PHP are both programming languages used for web development and for custom software development. But the advantage of PHP is widely known, many developers use PHP for their start-up, unlike Java.

Open Source

These are both non-proprietary tools.


Both have distinct documentation.

For Java, they have easy-to-understand libraries to help developers. It contains well-defined information and meets the quality standards that every user look for various aspects of the language.

PHP have really good information on their website as well as in their community forum which every user needs if specific problems arise.


The main difference between the two is easy-level-typed and hard-level-typed languages.

PHP is more flexible and mostly depends on user general knowledge when creating a project. While Java requires more knowledge and skill to finish a task. Sometimes, if the code doesn’t fit in the compiler, the program you make will not run.


It is more convenient to use Java for larger projects unlike PHP, which is good for smaller to medium-size projects.


Both are excellent in performance, but Java is better in performance than PHP with handling multiple threads.


If we are talking about support, PHP has a large community compared to Java.


In terms of security, Java is highly secure as compared to PHP. Some security problems arise because of improper coding in PHP.


Both have many users. But in terms of population, PHP is on the lead, because if you’re a freelancer and want your work to be done, you need an easier tool to use and that is PHP.


The harder your tools, the more effort you must put into it. So, if you are a PHP user, you should already know that Java users earn more than you, about 1.5 times more your salary.


Of course, the easier to use, the more fame it will get.

PHP may have many users which, in the few past years, have grown significantly.

Ease of Development

Both are easy to implement, but PHP is easier to learn than Java, because it doesn’t require heavy IDE.

Those are the pros and cons of each programming language that we just talked about, so here is my final word.


So in short terms, if you want to build small to medium-level projects, it is good to work with PHP than Java. PHP has a community and support whereas Java relies on its core libraries for information.

PHP is somewhat like newbie-friendly in terms of usability than Java which requires more advanced knowledge to fully utilize.

So, it is still up to you which computer language you will use as we have talked about the differences between the two.

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Written by: Loui James Barrido