A virtual assistant is a person who works for a company from a remote location and offers support services. Digital assistants are most often used for administrative tasks, but they can also help with some other aspects of the company.

Here you’ll find out more about virtual assistants, including what they do, how to become one, and how to recruit one.

What Is a Virtual Assistant and How Does It Work?

A virtual assistant is an assistant who works from a distance. Businesses realized they didn’t need to bring an employee into the office to get work done as technological advances in the 1990s brought affordable internet to more households, and the first virtual assistants were born.

Entrepreneurs and online companies that need assistance but do not want to invest in an office space for workers are particularly in demand for virtual assistants. Many small and mid-sized companies, on the other hand, rely on virtual assistance, especially for specific tasks like social media management.

In theory, a virtual assistant will perform any task that would normally be performed by another member of the support team. While there are drawbacks, technology is increasingly providing ways to get around them. They may not be able to personally bring you coffee in the morning, but they can order coffee or lunch from a food delivery service.

Virtual support responsibilities do not have to be limited to clerical tasks. They can help with marketing, web design, bookkeeping, and a variety of other services. Some virtual assistants specialize in a particular skill set and perform only tasks relevant to that skill set. Other virtual assistants specialize in a particular field, such as assisting real estate agents.



Making blog articles

Creating ebooks, books, updates, and email funnels, among other things.

Transcriptions of audio or video may be written or edited.

Creating Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts

Editing and proofreading blog posts, novels, blogs, newsletters, recipes, and other materials.

Marketing via email

Copywriting for websites and sales pages

Composing a ghost

Making product descriptions for online stores such as Shopify or Etsy

Proposals for grants

Gathering and editing testimonials

Writing letters

Creating podcast scripts

Admin/ Management

Email, talk, or phone customer support

Email monitoring and response

Managing Spam Inboxes

Taking care with blog feedback

Managing criticism on Social Media

Help for a live webinar

Upkeep of the calendar

Entering data

Presentations of PowerPoint

Order delivery 

Appointment setting

Purchasing materials

Client gift ordering, packing, and delivery

Thank you notes are being sent out.

Making career postings

Setting up interviews

Returning phone calls

Material repurposing (Example: turn a video into a written blog post or a blog post into a social media post)

Taking minutes at meetings

Keeping track of blog editorial schedules

Client onboarding activities include responding to emails, submitting invoices, and signing contracts.

Being in touch with leads/clients

Post-screening of guests

Organizing transportation


Items and presents should be packaged and shipped in a timely manner.

And resumes

Keeping an eye on YouTube content Uploading YouTube videos

Taking care of online groups

Helping with teleseminars

SOP development and revision

Updating real estate listings and realtors

Assisting in the introduction of ebooks or services

Adding icons to blog pages, connecting to other blog posts, and using CTAs (Call to Actions)

Project administration

Event organization and administration

Management of giveaways

Managing Cloud Files

Managing Google drive Files

Recruiting and educating new team members

Shopping for oneself

Brainstorming ideas for blog posts, products, and so forth.

Strategy for company

Graphic Design

Creating blog post templates

Editing photographs

Creating presentation slides for webinars or seminars

Creating business cards, posters, logos, menus, signs, and other marketing materials.

Obtaining images for blog posts, magazines, social media, and other uses.

Creating social media graphics or Pinterest pins

Website and advertising content photography

Services for branding

Developing brand style guides

Creating ebooks

Creating printables to help people sell or promote their companies

Design of a product for on-demand delivery


Blog entry formatting

Website and plugin updates

Backups and protection for websites

SEO for a website

Editing video

Editing a podcast

Setup of a webinar

Sharing on Analytics (Google Analytics, email, social media, etc)

Goal-setting in Google Analytics

Creating UTM targets to track website traffic

Configuring or migrating contact lists to a different email service provider

Configuring newsletter opt-in forms and sequences

Creating stable websites (https)

Database construction and administration

Installation and upkeep of shopping carts

Submission of a podcast

Web construction and upkeep

Creating web polls and forms

IT support and troubleshooting

Developing and overseeing affiliate services

Developing landing and squeeze pages

System streamlining and automation

Developing print magazines

Conversion of files

Creating spreadsheets

Following up on and repairing broken ties

Making an e-course

Creating subscription websites

Website development

Management of advertisements

Putting in place automated product distribution

Creating ebooks

Developing web quizzes

Managing Online Stores

Keeping track of client databases

Writers’ books are produced and self-published.

Social Media

Creating a schedule for social media posts

Creating animations for social media

Making and administering Pinterest accounts

Creating and administering Promoted Pins

Tailwind is used to schedule pins.

Making and administering Facebook accounts

Making Facebook advertisements

Administrate Facebook communities

Creating and administering LinkedIn accounts

Creating and administering LinkedIn groups

Creating polling on social media

Instagram post development and management

Responding to posts on social media

Email scheduling


Looking for speaking opportunities

Looking for guest posting options.

Looking at and applying for partner marketing services

Investigating services and infrastructure

Travel analysis 

Event research

Keyword research for Etsy, Pinterest, Google, and other online marketplaces

Investigation of vendors and printers

Joint venture investigation and follow-up

Product investigation

Software and program analysis Market research

Data gathering and condensing

Hashtag investigation

Sponsorship investigation

Scouring the internet for and summarizing business news

Investigating LinkedIn groups for educational purposes

Price analysis of products

Licensing investigation

Patent investigation

Investigating newspapers

Promotions are being run.

Examine the rivalry

Making a SWOT review

Investigating podcast guests Software investigation Solution investigation



Invoicing and bill management

Order processing and returns

Calling collection agencies

Payroll administration

Invoices and billing


Brands being pitched

Creating revenue funnels

Generating leads

Producing news releases

Strategy for marketing

Promotion of a blog post

Promotion of an ebook, a tutorial, or a membership

Management of advertisements

Live event promotion

System introductions