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Website strategy needs to be targeted to reach the right people and turn them into loyal customers.

Whatever content or products you will have on your website, you will not achieve full success unless you review your current situation and draft out a solid plan.

Whether your purpose is to get more visibility, create more leads, or simply support user experience in your website, Eternus Global Company IT Outsourcing can give you the insights and procedures to take you there. We offer a range of website and advertising strategy choices; decide on the following and let’s get started!


  • A brief session with our strategists to discuss your current situation and to get authentic advice for website strategy. This may be through Skype call/meeting wherever you are (in your home, office, in a restaurant or even at the beach!) or in-person meeting in your office or our sales offices
  • Scheduled within 2-4 days from inquiry


  • A discussion of insights after brainstorming of strategists
  • A review and planning session of possible strategies
  • Website functionality, analytics and/or campaign review
  • Review of competitors
  • Written report containing summary of findings (Click here for sample)
  • Scheduled after a week from consultation


We offer affordable yet quality core PHP programming services. We custom build web applications, CMS sites and e-commerce shops using the latest technologies that include Javascript, JQuery, CSS and PHP Development.

Core PHP is the extraordinary skill of building the full PHP project code without any CMS (WordPress, Drupal..etc) and any framework. Eternus Global IT Outsourcing is proud to offer this exceptional skill.

$100 USD (50% deposit required before FIRST STEP is done) We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

You can schedule a 15 to 30-minute free consultation and we’ll point you towards the proper path or provide a custom quote on your standards.

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