What is Internet Marketing and its Importance

internet marketing

By: Jessah May Napura

Are you ready to learn how and why internet marketing is essential in today’s time? This article provides you information on how internet marketing helps businesses and why it is necessary for every marketer.

Nowadays, the Internet is used for many people in different things – communication, entertainment, business, and learning. Almost 4.33 billion internet users nationwide – and this total is growing each second.

Sellers have always done everything they can do to reach people to promote their services and products- and the Internet is one of the best places to start in their marketing strategy.

Here are some of the crucial things to understand about online marketing.

Describing Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, or also called online marketing, is used to determine marketing business established online. It is the process of boosting a business’s products and services over the Internet using a device that helps sales and revenue.

Online marketing surrounds overall strategies and techniques, including content marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. It is becoming more in-demand these days among businesses worldwide due to marketers’ benefits and advantages. 

Acknowledging all the advantages of online marketing can provide the development and growth of your business.

Advantages of online marketing in your business

  • Convenience and fast services
  • Affordable operations and broad connections
  • Global marketing
  • Capacity to multitask
  • 24/7 marketing
  • Automated marketing
  • Data collection 
  • Various advertising and marketing
  • Fast transaction service
  • Effective marketing
  • Better marketing relationship

Why does Internet Marketing matter?

Online Marketing is crucial not just because it helps you be popular but also because it can make a difference in your business growth and success. Here are some of the reasons why online marketing matters.

  • Customers are online

These days, online marketing is all-important since almost everyone is online and using different social media platforms. Considering billions of people are using the Internet is an excellent opportunity to achieve your business’s leads.

  • It generates two-way communication.

With traditional marketing, communication is one way only. They make print ads or tv ads, and that’s it. You are waiting and hoping that the audience will see and visit your business through the ads. So, what will happen if your audience has concerns and questions about your products? It sounds difficult to manage, right? That’s why online marketing can create a two-way communication.

  • The Internet is 24/7 open.

The Internet operates 24/7, and people can access your website anytime they want. It is a good thing for your business since customers have different times, work, and schedules. It isn’t easy to connect with all of them simultaneously, but the internet grants audiences access to your website at any time they are available.

Few types of Internet Marketing

Online marketing has many kinds, and each of these surrounds by different strategies.

  • Social media marketing

Social media marketing is gaining attention and sales using different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO aims to improve websites and content to optimize the rankings, which successively minimize visitors’ number on a specific website.

  • Content marketing

Content marketing is defined by developing, spreading, and promoting online ideas in a way that is critically created to attract, connect, and reach target customers. You can do this through blog posts, videos, and many more.

  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is sending marketing messages to people using email to obtain new customers and keep back current ones.


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