What is Website Development and its Importance

website development

Many businesses are researching for both website development companies and web design companies. Nowadays these terms are effectively replaceable as “web companies” replacing the way they express their services. The truth is that terms refer to two basically different features of the website process that require two distinctive skill sets.

Why is it essential that you know the variation as you look for someone to create and design your business website? Let’s see their differences.

Website development mentions in maintaining and creating websites; it’s the work that occurs privately to make a website look appreciable, work quickly, and perform well with a continuous user experience. While web design mentions designing websites that are exhibited on the internet. It basically defines the user experience in website development instead of software development.

How important is website development?

You might be an owner of some businesses that hire a freelance or company developer to create your website, a seller that is launching creativity to your team, or a student that learns about web development as a profession. Despite who you are or why you are reading this article, having a piece of basic knowledge in website development can be a useful thing in this high-tech world.

The internet is not going away shortly. It becomes more open and a source of connection, research, and entertainment to the whole world. As the years pass by, internet users are increasing rapidly due to the latest advancements in technology. 

What’s the main thing that makes this possible? It requires a website, and every website needs a skilled website developer. With the rise of demand for web developers, web development is also fastly enlarging in the industry. The expected growth of web developers’ employment is increasing day by day. That’s much quicker compared to other computer careers.

Some of the Basics of website development

What is a website?

Websites are folders gathered on the servers, which are the website host or file storage. These servers are linked to a big network known as the internet.

What is an IP Address?

The IP address refers to the internet protocol address; it is the determining number that comes with a specific computer network. When you are connected to the internet, the IP address is the one that allows the computers to send you details.

What is HTTP?

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol that links you and your website to the server holding all the website data. It’s a process that establishes how messages must be sent all over the internet.

What is Coding?

Coding defines writing code for servers using different programming languages. They are called languages because they are vocabulary rules that communicate with computers.

Process of Website Development

The process of developing a website is not easy. Every development track is different depending on the kind of website and programming languages you are using.

The following are some of the few overviews of the website development process.

  • Create a plan
  • Make a wireframe
  • Write website codes
  • Develop the back-end of your websites
  • Develop the front-end of your websites
  • Obtain a domain name
  • Initiate your site

The internet is here forever. It’s improving every day, and website development is at the forefront of these improvements and transformations. From this article to your preferred social apps on your mobile phone, website development touches every part of your life – and your ecommerce business.


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