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When To Use Sales Email Vs. Cold Calls, Based On Data

market development

It’s tough to make a strong first impression on a potential client. You almost never have a second chance to make a good first impression, so make every effort to ensure that your outreach gets noticed by potential clients in doing market development..

Market development is a growth strategy for existing goods that finds and creates new market segments. Non-buying clients in presently targeted categories are the focus of a development plan. It also aims to attract new clients from different demographics.

The salesperson’s strategy of outreach for a first connection will have a significant impact on response rates. Instead of deciding whether to call or email a new prospect based on personal preference, adopt the strategy that your prospect will more likely respond to.

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Cold Emails vs. Cold Calls: What’s the Difference?

Cold emails and cold calls are equally effective when it comes to sales prospecting. The distinction is between volume and convenience vs. directness. Cold emails take less time and effort to make than cold calls, but cold calls are more effective in eliciting direct responses.

The following are some important distinctions between cold calls and cold emails:

Cold Email May Be Scaled More Simply.

Prospecting with cold email requires a distinct approach. They are more cost-effective and efficient, allowing for greater scalability. In the time it takes to make a single cold call in market development, you may send multiple cold emails.

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You may also attach more visually appealing and informative material to a cold email, which will assist you express data and ideas that are more difficult to explain over the phone.

Cold Email Is Simpler To Send And Track.

Because cold email is less intrusive than cold calling in market development, prospects may respond with a more nice tone, even if they are saying “no.” They may also be automated, monitored, and dispatched, making distribution and management easier.

Cold Calls May Be Obnoxious.

In market development, cold calls are obnoxious. Many people are wary of receiving them, and many will be offended if you use one to connect with them. Furthermore, if the call does not go smoothly, you may become frustrated and impatient. Cold calls are also more expensive and ineffective than sales emails.

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Cold Calls Have The Potential To Be More Personal.

Cold calls are more personal than cold emails, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear a “no” from your prospect right away. Because the prospect allows you to change your ideas as the discussion progresses, this strategy is more flexible than cold emails.

How to Tell If You Should Email or Call

What Time Is It Or What Day Of The Week Is It?

Examine an alarm clock and a calendar. Phone connection rates rise throughout the day and week, according to statistics. That is, later in the day or week, individuals are more likely to answer their phones. This is the same with market development.

What if a potential client doesn’t answer the phone? If this is the case, please leave a message. As people check their voicemail messages before leaving home, voicemail response rates climb later in the day. It’s a win-win situation.

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Another way of doing market development is sending email, on the other hand, is best done in shorter, more frequent spurts. Compose related emails throughout the day and send them 10 minutes before or after the hour.

These short windows are caused by people leaving or entering meetings. What do they occupy their time with? They use their phones to check email. Your message will be viewed rather than buried if you send your email at the same time your customer is most likely to check their inbox.


What is the purpose of this first meeting? Organize a meeting? Do you want to learn more? Is this a referral? Identifying and assessing the intensity of your request might help you determine whether to call or email in market development.

Demands that are too strong push the prospect to respond right away. Invitations to meetings, conference calls, and product testing are all examples of strong closes. Weak questions elicit basic information from the consumer, such as feedback or a referral.

Once you know you’re close, choosing between a phone or an email is straightforward. Pick up the phone if you have a strong close. Salespeople must utilize their closing skills to secure a “yes” on these requests. When a salesman can handle concerns in real time, it’s also easier to persuade over the phone.

The Buyer’s Profile

Different buyer personas communicate in different ways. Their decision is influenced by a number of factors, including their age, the nature of their career, and the industry in which they work.

Market development on millennials, on the whole, prefer email over phone conversation. When marketing to a younger audience, keep this in mind.

You could find that people in customer-facing jobs are more open to phone conversations simply because they are used to them. Employees within the company, on the other hand, may feel more at ease sending emails.

Momentum In The Deal

Is your prospect trustworthy? Do you think they’ll be able to close? As a result, sending an email to check in or ask a question while doing a market development about a job or request should not be a problem.

It may be faster and easier to contact if your prospect is unresponsive, indecisive about your product/service, or dealing with several layers of bureaucracy. You may ask your inquiry immediately away if they answer the phone in market development . If you get their voicemail, send them an email.


Finally, you must be aware of how the dialogue with your prospect progresses. If you believe that your and cold calls are both powerful in their own ways, you must send sales emails, but you must decide when and how you will use them.